Goldhofer’s »SHERPA« E pulls the crowds at Inter Airport 2017

There was an unusually big turnout at the stand run by Goldhofer’s new Airport Technology Division at this year’s Inter Airport, which was held on October 10–13 in Munich. One of the main attractions was the premiere of »SHERPA«, Goldhofer’s first baggage and cargo tow tractor, which was on show at the stand and also starred on the test grounds created specially for that purpose.

That gave visitors an opportunity to see for themselves what the »SHERPA« has to offer in terms of reliable performance. They were suitably impressed above all by the »SHERPA’s« outstanding maneuverability, comfortable suspension and dual-circuit brake system for maximum safety.

Especially keen interest was shown in Goldhofer’s first electric tow tractor, the »SHERPA« E, which employs heat pump technology to regulate temperature of the battery and cabin and allows global and energy-efficient application in all temperature conditions. The maintenance-free 400 V lithium battery ensures extremely short charging times and offers up to 33 percent longer run times than lead-acid batteries – optimum preconditions for use in multiple-shift operations.

Another highlight of the Goldhofer stand was the latest version of the Schopf F396 aircraft tow tractor with the new Tier 4f engine. The most powerful tow tractor available from the Goldhofer Group, the F396 boasts a towing capacity of up to 170 tons, which means it can handle the Airbus A380. With its new engine design, it offers an exciting level of performance on the aprons of airports worldwide with a minimum environmental footprint.

Another reason why the Goldhofer team was kept so busy throughout the four days of the event is to be seen in the »PHOENIX« universal towbarless aircraft tow tractor with its brand-new start-stop system. The »PHOENIX« is a real allrounder capable of handling 80 percent of all aircraft in service worldwide. With the start-stop technology, the extremely robust tow tractor with the tried and tested hydrostatically powered steering drive axle now uses even less fuel than ever before. The system automatically switches off the engine when the tractor is stationary and the brakes are applied. The result is significantly longer operating cycles and battery life, less wear and fewer repairs.

The Goldhofer stand also featured a presentation of the global Goldhofer Customer Service. This unique service offering ensures that Goldhofer customers receive full support for their vehicles throughout their service life.

For Lothar Holder, Member of the Board in the Goldhofer Group with responsibility for Airport Technology, this year’s Inter Airport was an extremely satisfactory event: “We are thrilled by the highly positive response to our vehicles as reflected in the large number of orders placed. I should like to congratulate all the members of the Goldhofer/Schopf team, who found time for so many intensive discussions with customers in spite of the size of the crowds. We are delighted to have been able to welcome so many interested parties to our stand at Inter Airport.”