Key account Silamas places the biggest ever order in the history of Goldhofer

For many years the Silamas Group from Samuthprakan, Thailand, has been a figurehead for the successful use of Goldhofer modules on the continent.

And now, as of January 2018, spectacular additions are again being made to Silamas’ existing vehicle fleet. Jean-Philippe Martin, Sales Manager Asia at Goldhofer, is accordingly delighted with the decision taken by the new Goldhofer record holder for the Far East: “Silamas has ordered over 150 THP/SL-L axle lines, which we are currently producing at high pressure to ensure on-time delivery,” says Martin and he adds, “This is the biggest ever single order in the history of Goldhofer and a huge compliment for our products. Silamas will then have a total of over 550 Goldhofer axle lines in its fleet.”

According to Silamas CEO Chompoo Glinpu, the main reasons for the addition to the fleet are the good market situation and the new requirements of the Thailand’s road traffic regulations in the form of a reduction in the maximum permissible number of axle lines per vehicle configuration. In order to meet customers’ future logistics requirements nationwide, Silamas will have to use more vehicles for the same total load and will accordingly need more vehicles. Glinpu says, “Our ties with Goldhofer are the product of a successful partnership going back over many years. The modules have already more than proven their reliability in countless transport operations. The THP/SL-L modules in particular offer an ideal combination of the characteristics needed for heavy haulage today. Thanks to their optimum payload-axle load ratio they will be the perfect solution for our response to the new regulations.”