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02. 2013

Big is beautiful: Goldhofer spot on at bC India

Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft was spot on with its stand at one of Asia’s biggest trade fairs for construction machinery, namely bC India in Mumbai. The company had a real winner on show in the form of a PST/SL-E 6 self-propelled vehicle with six axle lines and multiway steering from the innovative Goldhofer range of heavy-duty modules: “The response at the trade fair was excellent. We had a lot of promising talks and a very high standard of contacts. The market in India is not very buoyant at the moment. That made it all the more important for us to be present with our innovative heavy-duty module systems and to position ourselves as the leaders in terms of innovation and technology in the field of transport solutions for construction plant and machinery. All in all, we were very satisfied with the outcome of the trade show,” says Jean-Philippe Martin, who is responsible for sales of Goldhofer’s heavy-duty modules in India and Asia.

For Goldhofer, India’s heavy-duty transport industry offers significant potential for growth. That is clearly illustrated by the fact that Goldhofer has developed its new THP/MI series of modules especially for this market. “Our aim is to provide haulage companies with a flexible and economical system for handling payloads of up to 300 tons. Our innovative solution makes it easier for road haulage companies to comply with national regulations for heavy-duty transport operations and to obtain permits without having to go through a lot of official bureaucracy. That greatly reduces administration costs and thus total project costs,” explains Jean-Philippe Martin.

The Goldhofer company, which this year made its second appearance at bC India, is confident that it is well placed to do good business there. “With the THP/MI in particular, we have developed a solution that perfectly matches the needs of India’s haulage companies. That clearly differentiates us from the competition and enables us to exploit our strengths as the market leader,” says CEO Stefan Fuchs.

Goldhofer’s eye-catcher at bC India in Mumbai was a PST/SL-E 6 self-propelled heavy-duty module with multiway steering. With its hydrostatic drive and multiway steering, with a steering angle of +/- 135 degrees, the PST/SL-E is a real all-rounder: It offers precision load control with normal, diagonal, transversal and carousel steering as well as a whole series of special steering programs. With each axle controlled by a sensor and a stepless hydraulic rotary drive, there is no need to adjust the steering rods. The heart of the affair with any self-propelled vehicle is the power pack, which comprises the drive unit for the hydrostatic drive and houses all the controls and instruments. The drive unit is available in two sizes with different rated outputs. The 155 kW / 210 hp power pack is for a gross weight of up to about 400 tons and the 360 kW / 490 hp version for a gross weight of more than 400 tons. For a better field of vision for the operator and for navigating obstacles such as ramps etc., the power pack can be raised and lowered hydraulically.

In the meantime bC India has developed into one of Asia’s most important construction industry trade shows. According to the fairgrounds operating company, no fewer than 28,000 visitors attended this year’s event. “Compared with 2011, the management company has made great progress and the trade show was much better organized than it was two years ago. Now we are looking forward to the next edition of bC India in 2015. We will definitely be on board,” says Jean-Philippe Martin.

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