The Karoline Goldhofer Kolleg

The “Alois Goldhofer Foundation”, which promotes science and research, education and training as well as cultural and charitable institutions, founded the “Karoline Goldhofer Kolleg” in 2011, a training and further education institution for young people in the Memmingen/Unterallgäu area. For Alois Goldhofer and the initiators of the Dr. Hans-Hermann Prützel and Karoline Goldhofer-Prützel Foundation, the training of “their” apprentices was an important part of entrepreneurial activity for many years.

The foundation is now continuing this legacy by working with the Karoline Goldhofer Kolleg for the future of youth in the Allgäu region.

Together with the vocational schools in Allgäu, the college provides training courses for apprentices which are groundbreaking in this form. Because a solid technical education today also includes personality development and distinctive social and methodological competence. At a time when the financial possibilities for schools are very limited, the Alois Goldhofer Foundation would like to make a visible contribution to a good start to professional life by offering an additional range of professional services.