»Bison« E 370

The »BISON« E with Goldhofer’s innovative »IonMaster« technology is a tireless workhorse and delivers the same performance just like its diesel-powered counterparts – but without any emissions! With its modular battery concept, you are able to decide for yourself whether you need a vehicle for short pushback applications which is to be recharged frequently, or whether you want to use an endurance runner that gets a break much less frequently. You do not need any special charging infrastructure and can achieve 80% battery charging with only two hours charging time! The »BISON« E can therefore be utilized almost continuously around the clock and can be recharged during any interruption of work. It handles aircrafts up to 100 t (220,000 lbs) MTOW like the Airbus A321 or Boeing 737 easily.

Your benefits
  • Highest ground readiness and availability thanks to ease of maintenance
  • Modularity of assemblies across all categories for optimized and cost-effective wearing and spare parts stockpiling
  • Prompt spare parts availability thanks to standardized components
  • Low TCO and increased environmental sustainability through reduced consumables
  • Start/stop function for reduction of operating hours, enhanced engine lifetime, less emissions and CO2 savings
  • Flexible ballasting concept (small gradations within the ballastings) allows for individual configuration according to deployment
  • Future-proofness and flexibility thanks to convertibility of all models from Diesel powered to electric motors
  • Radio remote control for single man operation
  • Ergonomic operating panel in the operator’s armrest
  • Full three-men-cabin
  • User-friendliness, uniform operation of different vehicle sizes for higher safety
  • Optimum price-performance ratio