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08. 2013

»Faktor 5 America«

Goldhofer’s new high girder bridge by the name of »Faktor 5« is conquering the heavy-duty transport world and is now on the road in North America. Erickson’s Incorporated, a long-standing Goldhofer customer that is headquartered in Muskegon, Michigan, will be deploying the 70-meter colossus from Memmingen, Germany for future transportation operations. That makes the company the second Faktor 5 customer after Silamas Transport Ltd. of Thailand.

“We continue to move forward in partnership with Goldhofer. I am very happy that we are the first to bring »Faktor 5« to America,” says Steve Erickson, who is now running the traditional US heavy haulage company in the family’s third generation, on taking collection of the vehicle in the Goldhofer plant in Memmingen. The customer was so enthusiastic about the new high girder bridge that he named it »Faktor 5 America« on the spot. With the new Faktor 5 high girder bridge from Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft, Erickson’s can now handle payloads with a weight ratio of up to 5:1 (payload:deadweight) and is thus ideally equipped for haulage operations involving heavy loads like transformers, turbines, etc.

“The »Faktor 5«  success story continues,” says a delighted Stefan Fuchs, CEO of  Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft, with regard to the order from North America, which is confirmation once again of the customer’s trust in the proven quality of Goldhofer vehicles. “Our customers know that they can have one hundred percent confidence in the reliability of our products at every critical moment. That trust forms the basis of our global success and is highly gratifying for our dedicated employees,” says Stefan Fuchs.

With the development of the »Faktor 5«  high girder bridge, the German quality vehicle manufacturer seems once again to have pulled off a real coup in the world of heavy haulage. “We have received several more enquiries, and North America will definitely not be the last continent to be conquered by »Faktor 5«,” says the CEO and adds that loyal Goldhofer customers especially – in customer relationships that have developed over the years – see the new high girder bridge as a meaningful investment in the future.

Over the last fourteen years, Erickson’s Incorporated has come to appreciate the “made in Germany” quality standards maintained by Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft in the field of heavy-duty transport systems. Steve Erickson and his team make use of more than a hundred axle lines in the Goldhofer THP/SL and THP/CA series for the company’s various haulage operations. “We are enlarging our fleet step by step and ordered another twenty new THP/CA axle lines together with the »Faktor 5«  high girder bridge,” says Steve Erickson, who obviously cannot get enough of the Goldhofer quality offering.

While Steve Erickson was in Memmingen to collect his »Faktor 5«  high girder bridge and the new axle lines, he placed a quick order sealed with a handshake for two new nine-axle low loader semitrailers. “The Goldhofer transporters and trailers provide us with an advantage over our competitors because they are so well designed and constructed.” That was the matter-of-fact explanation given by the successful heavy haulage specialist from Michigan.

The »Faktor 5«  high girder bridge

Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft offers the »Faktor 5«  high girder bridge in various models, with deadweights of 70-130 tons, making it possible to transport payloads ranging from 350 to 650 tons. This innovative vehicle combines outstanding technology with maximum cost efficiency. It is a safe, intelligent transport system for a wide variety of special needs.

For transport operations involving extremely heavy loads such as transformers, generators or other heavy industrial components, the new high girder bridge offers clear advantages in critical situations, such as bridge crossings and travel on other load-sensitive structures and surfaces. The vertical lifting stroke of the bridge itself, not including the stroke of the heavy-duty modules, is about 1.80 m in the loading area. Progressively adjustable loading widths from 3.00 to 6.75 m make the high girder bridge a flexible vehicle with all the convenience of quick and easy adjustment.

With load lengths of 11 to 17 m and more plus fully variable axle configurations (from 2 x 12 to 2 x 20 axle lines), there are practically no limits to transport operations with big and heavy loads. The Faktor 5 high girder bridge also offers easy mobilization and economical shipping in containers, which is of great importance for deployment in distant locations.

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