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02. 2014

»Faktor 5« now in Sweden, too

Thailand, North America – and now Sweden: The success story of the new high girder bridge by the name of »Faktor 5« from Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft continues. The Swedish heavy haulage specialist Kraftdragarna is the next operator to go for the innovative solution from Memmingen with a payload to deadweight ratio of 5:1.

“We’re a little bit excited as we’re a relatively new Goldhofer customer, having purchased our first axle lines from them in 2011. The positive performance of our Goldhofer axle lines, the company’s outstanding reputation as the world market leader in the field of  transport and the first-class advisory service offered by Bolding as the Goldhofer agent in Denmark persuaded us that now was the time to invest in »Faktor 5«,” says Kraftdragarna CEO Hans Müller.

At Kraftdragarna, »Faktor 5«  is the pet project of CEO Tommy Sellgren, and at a little ceremony held in Memmingen the vehicle was christened “Big T” (Tommy Sellgren’s first initial). For the CIO, the decision to invest in the Goldhofer high girder bridge was promoted by its exceptional specifications. “The fact that “Big T” permits us to transport a payload of 500 tons with just 100 tons of deadweight is sensational.” By way of comparison: Using two old high girder bridges from another vendor, Kraftdragarna can  handle payloads of up to 480 tons, but that solution involves 60 tons more deadweight than »Faktor 5«, a ratio of only 3:1. “So “Big T” gives us greatly increased flexibility for transporting heavy loads,” a delighted Tommy Sellgren remarks.

“Our »Faktor 5« is conquering the heavy haulage market,” says Stefan Fuchs, CEO of Goldhofer, with a big smile on his face.

“Big T” is now about to be put through its paces in Sweden. “We will be using our new high girder bridge primarily to transport big transformers and generators for the power industry,” explains Tommy Sellgren, who is looking forward to the first operations.


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