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07. 2013

»Faktor 5« shines in Thailand

In summer 2012, the Memmingen premiere of Goldhofer’s new high girder bridge aka »Faktor 5« met with an enthusiastic response from the heavy-duty transportation experts. In the meantime our 70-meter-long colossus has been through its baptism of fire in a real-life application: For the Electric Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), Goldhofer’s  customer Silamas Transport Ltd. moved a 320 ton Siemens gas turbine across Thailand. It took three whole days to cover the 330 km route from the Silamas works in Sri Racha to Wang Noi 4 Combined Power Plant.

On the first day, the Faktor 5 combination of 2 x THP/SL 12 modules (i.e. twelve axles front and rear) had to handle gradients of up to 6 %. But that was no problem for »Faktor 5« as the Goldhofer high girder bridge has up to 1.8 meters of vertical stroke and takes steep gradients in its stride.

The new high girder bridge from Goldhofer also handled the other difficult situations without any problems. Quickly lowering the load was all it took to pass under all the bridges, for example.

The journey was nevertheless challenging for the simple reason that normal highways were used, and they were sometimes busy with commuter traffic. That often slowed progress down to walking pace, peaking on the first day at just 30 km/h. Where the road was especially narrow, approaching traffic was stopped so as to avoid accidents.

There was also a tricky period during the second night, when the convoy had to cover 60 kilometers on a single-lane road with two-way traffic. Fortunately for the Silamas team, the later the hour, the fewer the number of vehicles on the road, and »Faktor 5« finally rea-ched speeds of up to 40 km/h.

There were a number of cities on the route the following day, but in the open country speeds of up to 60 km/h were possible. “All in all, everything went very well, and there were no problems. For passage through built-up areas, we helped the Silamas crew with the auxiliary steering needed to negotiate the tight bends,” says Jürgen Heubuch of the Goldhofer service team, who accompanied the convoy.

Once at the power plant construction site, the Siemens gas turbine was unloaded using a gantry system developed by Silamas and moved to its final location with the help of a THP/SL 12 split combination.

The successful working debut of the »Faktor 5« high girder bridge brought a big smile to the face of Stefan Fuchs, CEO of Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft: “We promised our key account Silamas that our innovative solution would put them in a wholly new league for heavy-duty haulage, and it’s great to see that, in the working world, our »Faktor 5« does exactly what we promised it would. This shows that, with such innovations as »Faktor 5«, Goldhofer is also the “indispensable factor”.

The experts are also impressed: Goldhofer's »Faktor 5« high-girder bridge was recently nominated for the prestigious Award of Excellence of the European industry association ESTA and was ranked among the best ten in the Innovation/Development section.

About Goldhofer’s high girder bridge »Faktor 5«:

Goldhofer offers the new generation of its high girder bridges in various models, specifically with deadweights ranging from 70 to 130 tons, making it possible to transport payloads ranging from 350 to 650 tons.  In that respect, the innovation from Goldhofer is so captivating because of its outstanding technology and maximum cost efficiency.  It is a safe, intelligent transport system for many special demands. 

Safety with Difficult Infrastructures

Specifically with the transport of extremely heavy loads such as transformers, generators, or other heavy industrial components, the new high girder bridge proves itself by demonstrating its full strengths in difficult infrastructures, such as with bridges and other load-sensitive underlays.  The vertical stroke in the loading area is 1.80 m and progressively-adjustable loading widths ranging from 3.00 to 6.75 m make the high girder bridge flexible, while the ease in adjusting guarantees the greatest comfort.           

Thanks to possible loading lengths of 11 to 17 m – or even longer – as well as an extremely variable axle configuration (from 2 x 12 up to 2 x 20) there are practically no limits to the transport of large, heavy loads.  Furthermore, the high girder bridge with »Faktor 5« guarantees easy mobilization and economical shipping in containers, which is definitely of importance with distant site locations.

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