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02. 2014

Goldhofer moves to series production with its new low loader semitrailers with the innovative »MPA axle technology«

With delivery of the first two low loader semitrailers with the innovative »MPA axle technology« to BTB Logistik GmbH in Berlin shortly before Christmas, Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft of Memmingen – the world’s leading manufacturer of oversized cargo transportation vehicles – completed the move to series production with this new vehicle generation. “The decisive factors were the low loading height, high axle load and maintenance-friendly design available with »MPA axle technology« and the resulting operative flexibility of the vehicles,” says Michael Schmidtke, Operations Manager at the Berlin specialist for crane rentals and heavy-duty transportation.

The two vehicles delivered are identical MPA 4 four-axle extendable low loader semitrailers. Maximum payload is about 58,600 kg and the deck extends to a length of 15 m. “With a maximum permissible axle load of 12,000 kg per axle and a minimum deck height of 780 mm, these vehicles are ideal for trucking high and long and also heavy items,” Michael Schmidtke explains. Also, thanks to the low loading height and the very low deadweight, far fewer permits are required for travel on public highways.

The decision to invest in two new low loader semitrailers with the world’s lightest axle technology was taken because BTB Logistik GmbH has a new Liebherr 1750-9.1 telescopic crane in its portfolio. “It’s got to be a fast and straightforward job to move the ballast and lattice sections of this 750 t crane to the next site,” says the operations expert. “So the question of permits is a key issue. That’s why we went for Goldhofer’s new »MPA axle technology«. Their low loaders are something of the Mercedes of the semitrailer world.” Another important reason for BTB Logistik to choose Goldhofer’s »MPA axle technology«, which made its debut at Bauma, is the long service life and maintenance-friendly design of the MPA system.

With its innovative »MPA axle technology«, for which patents are pending, Goldhofer – as the leading global producer of oversized cargo transportation vehicles – has made a big splash in the heavy haulage industry. The components have been reduced to an absolute minimum; the MPA axle system comprises just one wheel carrier, strut and suspension arm. The assembly is built of high-grade components from BPW, Neumeister and Heyd and requires minimum maintenance. In the meantime, the axle system has been subjected to extensive testing and approved for series production. “Maximum simplicity, few components, big suspension stroke and steering angle, low deadweight and high maximum permissible axle loads – there is no doubting the superiority of the MPA solution,” says Volker Schmidt, Chief Design Engineer at Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft.  

For Günther Vogel, Area Sales Manager at Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft, and his colleague Steffen Rückriem, delivery of the first MPA vehicles in Germany is a major event. “We know from talks with BTB Logistik that our new »MPA axle technology« is meeting with a highly positive response,” says Steffen Rückriem. In combination with a significant increase in maximum payload, the system and its functionality have greatly impressed the specialists in Berlin. “I’m also delighted, of course, that our innovative technology has helped us recruit a new customer in our capital city,” Steffen Rückriem adds.”

news overview