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07. 2014

Goldhofer’s Innovation Days

Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft – the world market leader in the field of transport technologies – made more than one big splash at its Innovation Days, which were held at the company’s headquarters in Memmingen under the motto “Let’s rock!” on June 26 and 27. The main highlight was the presentation of the new generation of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs). But the presentation of the new »MPA technology«, the official hand-over of Goldhofer’s fifth »Faktor 5« high girder bridge and a supporting program complete with motor shows, a rock concert and a spectacular firework display also thrilled more than 500 Goldhofer business partners from 36 countries. “We are incredibly proud of the enthusiastic response and keen interest shown in our innovative heavy haulage solutions,” says Goldhofer CEO Stefan Fuchs. “We have proven once again that Goldhofer is the world market leader in terms of technology, quality and long-term value.”

“With the premiere of the PST/ES-E (285) heavy-duty module with electronic multiway steering and hydraulically adjustable track width Goldhofer has set a new benchmark in the SPMT category,” Stefan Fuchs explains. “That is something of a global revolution for heavy-duty modular transporters. This new vehicle generation from the house of Goldhofer is the perfect symbiosis of two product lines and offers numerous technical innovations. As a result we now have the technical leadership in the SPMT segment in all respects, including tilt stability, bending moment, steering angle and speed,” the CEO adds.

Stefan Fuchs went on to explain that, with a track width of 1810 mm, the new PST/ES-E module has 25 percent greater lateral stability than a conventional SPMT with a track width of 1450 mm. And both mobilization costs and running costs are lower, especially with regard to the tires. “We are calling our innovation the new SPMT 2.0 with an surplus value of payload too, as it were,” says Sales Manager Horst Häfele. The type PST/ES-E (315) with a 45 t axle load is designed for ultra-heavy loads and offers an optimum payload/axle load ratio – and does so with conventional truck tires.

The outstanding functionality of Goldhofer’s »MPA technology« was also a crowd-puller at the Innovation Days. Attendees took advantage of the test drive facilities in a local quarry to see for themselves how robust, reliable and maneuverable the MPA axle is – and they were impressed. The MPA axle comprises just one wheel carrier, one strut and one suspension arm, with top-grade components from BPW, Neumeister and Heyd employed throughout. And the complete assembly requires minimum maintenance. Maximum simplicity, minimum number of components, big suspension stroke and steering angle, low deadweight and high maximum permissible axle loads – there is no doubting the superiority of the MPA axle system,” adds Volker Schmidt, Chief Design Engineer at Goldhofer.

An event within the event was the hand-over of Goldhofer’s fifth »Faktor 5« high girder bridge to the UK specialist Allely Heavy Haulage. Company Directors David and Peter Allely chose the name Hector for their high girder bridge, which has a deadweight of 100 tons and a payload-to-deadweight ratio of 5:1. Hector is now the biggest high girder bridge in Europe that can be used as both a vessel bridge and a high girder bridge. “That puts Allely’s Heavy Haulage in the Champions League in the field of heavy haulage,” said Stefan Fuchs by way of congratulations.

Not only the heavy haulage professionals from all over the world were thrilled by the Goldhofer offering. The same can be said of the 4,000 or so visitors who came to the following Family Day, to which the company had invited all employees and their families and friends. They were also given a demonstration of Goldhofer’s latest innovations and entertained with an action- and fun-packed program and party.

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