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04. 2013

Innovation center-stage in Munich

With more than 530,000 visitors from over 200 countries, this year’s Bauma – the leading trade show for the construction industry – set a new record in Munich. A record-breaking attendance was also generated by the many innovations on display at the Goldhofer stand. With the presentation of its »MPA technology«, for which patents are pending, as this year’s »Innovation in the Box«and other trade show debuts, Goldhofer once again underscored its leading position in terms of technology and innovation. And quality with the “made in Germany” label was available in duplicate: Schopf Maschinenbau GmbH, this year’s addition to the Goldhofer group of companies, also had its special vehicles for tunnel construction and mining on show in Munich.

“We pulled off a sensation. Goldhofer’s new generation of semitrailers with the  groundbreaking »MPA technology« was the absolute highlight of the trade show in the transportation segment. Our strategy of continuously building up the tension and only revealing the big secret at the event definitely paid off. The reaction of our customers and other interested parties was incredible,” says Stefan Fuchs, CEO at Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft.

In a dramatic presentation of the »MPA technology«, selected trade show visitors were led  individually along the red carpet and into the Innovation Box, where they could admire a fully functional model of the innovative MPA-axle and enjoy a product video explaining its big advantages.

With its »MPA technology« – short for MacPherson axle system – Goldhofer has once more succeeded in redefining the limits of performance for a vehicle in the heavy-duty sector. In particular, the MPA assembly of hub, strut and single control arm makes for the lightest axle system in the whole world and offers greatly enhanced functionality compared with steering arm systems. Goldhofer’s MPA vehicles have bigger steering angles, increased suspension stroke and full steering ability in the lowered position, even at minimum loading height. And the reduced deadweight provides additional scope for increasing the payload.

Goldhofer has invested many man-hours in developing its new »MPA technology«. The result is ingenious in its simplicity: On the principle of less is more, the number of components has been reduced to an absolute minimum – for a technology that combines long service life with minimum maintenance.

The »Innovation in the Box« was the crowning item in a highly successful presentation at Bauma 2013. In addition to its new »MPA technology«, Goldhofer had a whole series of new and enhanced products on show. The company’s new expert low loader series was just as big a hit in Munich as its semitrailers with pendular axle technology. Among much else, Goldhofer presented an 8-axle STZ-VP 8 low-loader semitrailer with an extremely low-profile deck (200 mm) and the 10-axle version of the STZ-P 10 A with a telescopic cargo deck capable of handling payloads of up to 150 tons. In the wind-power transportation segment, Goldhofer made a big impression with its new FTV 300 wind-turbine rotor blade transportation fixture in combination with a 6-axle PST/SL-E 6 self-propelled heavy-duty module. This solution ensures that Goldhofer’s customers can deliver even the longest rotor blades round the tightest bends and over the most difficult terrain. The trick: if it is a tight squeeze, the rotor blade is swiveled from the horizontal to an upright position.

With the STZ-L 4 A RM low loader semitrailer with wheel recess for the transportation of construction plant, the STN-L 3, STN-L 4 and STZ-L 5 semitrailer series optimized for the transportation of cold planers, and the combinable heavy-duty module series THP/SL, THP/SL-L and THP/SL-S, Goldhofer made a convincing demonstration of its competence as an innovative manufacturer of transport equipment for the construction industry.

“We cut an excellent figure in all market segments and proved once again that we have the right solution for every transport need. With sales contracts signed at Bauma reaching twin digits ,we can rightly say: ‘Goldhofer provides the construction industry with a moving experience.’” says Renato Ramella, Goldhofer’s Sales Manager Europe.

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