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05. 2015

Investing in the future at Goldhofer

In order to keep pace with today’s increasing demands and to do justice to the company’s reputation as a premium German manufacturer, Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft regularly invests in production facility upgrades and refurbishments. The latest major project, which has been entrusted to MSB Mokrani Systembau GmbH, involves the construction of a modern warehouse with 6,000 sq.m. of floor space and a height of 14 meters. Goldhofer is investing in a modern warehousing facility capable of handling and storing a wide range of items for improved availability and security.

All the preliminaries have now been completed, so that construction work can begin punctually. The ground-breaking ceremony was scheduled for April 2015, and the building is due to be completed in autumn. The new warehouse will then be used to store over 90 percent of all stock items. The facility is designed for maximum flexibility and will operate with state-of-the-art warehouse systems, including semi-automatic working for highly efficient stock picking and avoidance of mispicks. The warehouse is being built close to our servicing facility, which is an advantage in terms of simplified working and time savings. The building is designed for rear and side unloading and includes a narrow-aisle store for about 8,000 pallets. In order to make the logistics still more efficient, the warehouse features automated container storage for approx. 7,000 containers. It also has cantilever racking for heavy and large items. With this new facility, Goldhofer is setting the stage for efficient and secure storage to meet the requirements of the future.

news overview