Goldhofer offers field-tested vehicles for special transportation and airport operations for the defense industry

From ground handling in military aviation settings, and military equipment transportation to humanitarian aid and supply missions: Goldhofer, the world market leader for heavy and specialized transport vehicles, offers the military and related authorities an extensive product portfolio of field-proven vehicles. Flexible and efficient ground handling at military airports and on aircraft carriers is provided by the company’s high-performance cargo/pushback and aircraft tow tractors and recovery systems. Designed for maximum on- and off-road capability, Goldhofer’s heavy haulage solutions, including trailers, semi-trailers and heavy-duty modules, support armed forces in their diverse transportation activities in any terrain and climate zone even under the harshest operational conditions. “Our transportation and airport logistics solutions combine typical Goldhofer standards of quality, such as robust components, durability and low maintenance, with the requirements of the military in terms of maximum operational readiness, off-road capability and overall reliability. For this reason, we have been a trusted and respected partner to the defense industry for many years,” says Matthias Ruppel, CEO at Goldhofer. To ensure that the logistical challenges of every mission are met, Goldhofer’s qualified defense specialists are available to assist customers worldwide – from the initial consultation to the development of dedicated solutions for individual missions. With a global sales, service and manufacturing network based on longstanding partnerships, Goldhofer is also able to guarantee vehicle and spare parts deliveries, and maintenance and repair services in even the remotest corners of the world. In addition, the company offers training for both drivers and workshop personnel. Depending on the specifications ordered, Goldhofer’s transport solutions are fully compliant with the most stringent military standards and statutory regulations.

Military airport logistics on land and at sea
Through its Airport Technology division, Goldhofer has been focused for decades on the development and manufacture of specialized vehicles for airport logistics. Thanks to their rugged engineering , flexible capabilities and numerous variant configurations, the company’s proven cargo/pushback and aircraft tow tractors and recovery systems are also ideal for military airport logistics and aircraft carrier operations. Hundreds of Goldhofer vehicles are currently in service with air forces, armies and navies worldwide. “Efficient and reliable ground handling is the key to the success of a mission through precise scheduling of operations on the tarmac. Our customers benefit from our experience with a huge range of projects and extensive expertise in ground handling for the defense aviation industry. This forms the basis for individual logistics solutions and services that meet their requirements in terms of operational capability and functionality,” says Hans-Georg Kroes, Global Defense Manager Airport Technology. As an additional benefit, Goldhofer also offers zero-emission versions of its vehicles for sustainable ground handling based on its »IonMaster« technology with lithium-ion batteries. They are capable of handling aircraft with a MTOW of up to 352 tons.

Innovative transport solutions for extremely heavy equipment

Demanding terrain, climatic extremes, unpredictable constraints: Major challenges are often the order of the day for military transports. This calls for innovative, yet reliable, proven solutions for transporting wheeled and tracked vehicles and other heavy equipment to the right place at the right time. Goldhofer’s Transport Technology division has an impressive pool of experience and expertise in the field of heavy-duty and special transport solutions. The trailers, semi-trailers and heavy-duty modules for on- and off-road operations are designed for payloads of up to 120 tons and more. Special axle systems with a long suspension stroke provide excellent maneuverability and off-road capability in any terrain. A wide range of accessories offers diverse scope for specific mission requirements, including special ramps for rapid loading and unloading of heavy tactical equipment. User-friendly operation and maintenance, a 24-hour emergency response service, and reliable supplies of spare parts in the area of deployment are additional arguments in favor of Goldhofer’s heavy-duty transport solutions.

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