“We use the »ARCUS« P8 to transport bridge elements, press components and welded parts and castings. The payload rating of 90 t in conjunction with the impressive hydraulic suspension stroke on the pendulum axles keeps us abreast of our customers’ constantly increasing requirements.”

Tim Bohnet
Authorised signatory
Bohnet GmbH



“Last year we were awarded the contract to transport a heat exchanger weighing approx. 80 t from one of our customers. The heat exchanger was picked up in Grimma and transported in a two-night operation to the port in Bremerhaven. From there the heat exchanger went by sea to Colombia.
The design of the lowloader means there are no problems with pronounced point loading. The EasyLoad software was used to determine the exact position on the loading deck in advance, and loading was completed in no time at all. The transport itself went smoothl

Matthias Richter
Managing Director
Richter Kran- und Schwerlast GmbH



“With the »ARCUS« PK, I can literally move anything – all kinds of loads, such as the undercar­riage of our crawler crane, loads of up to 90 t, or transformers where every millimeter in height counts. I always use the latest technology from Goldhofer, and that has kept us on the road to success for many years now.”

Tobias Jung
Head of Logistics
Wiemann Autokrane Logistik GmbH


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Semi Lowloaders
Lowloader Trailers
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