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08. 2013

Quad digits for self-propelled transporters: Goldhofer delivers the one-thousandth module

The order with the number 61000 from Indian customer Resham Singh is a very special one for Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft of Memmingen: the PST-SL-E 6 self-propelled module with multiway steering soon to be shipped is the one-thousandth self-propelled modular transporter built by Goldhofer since the series launch. That makes more than 4,000 axle lines now in use worldwide.

“We definitely have something to celebrate. The one-thousandth self-propelled module is a clear reflection of the keen international market response to our innovative combination system. We have so far shipped our self-propelled transporters to over sixty different countries, and there are no signs of a let-up in demand. With our self-propelled modules, we offer the world’s leading heavy haulage companies project security for heavy loads and enable them to perform veritable masterpieces of logistics,” says Stefan Fuchs, CEO of Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft.

When big things need to be moved – like the world’s largest gas turbine, a whole chemical plant, or the US Navy’s new USS Coronado – more and more logistics operators provide the wheels in the form of a PST self-propelled module transporter from the house of Goldhofer.

“I am delighted at the overwhelming market response to our heavy-duty modular systems with hydrostatic drive and maximum axle loads of up to 60 tons. The drives and control systems have been developed in-house incorporating the latest electronic components to cope with the growing number of transport operations that cannot be handled with conventional tow tractors. Our power packs with remote control can be used via a simple joystick to maneuver loads weighing several thousand tons with pinpoint accuracy and even rotate them through a full 360° if required,” says Horst Häfele, Sales Director Heavy Duty Modules and one of the spiritual fathers of this fast-selling Goldhofer line. “In addition to the technical benchmarks that we regularly set with our in-house developments, user-friendliness and absolute reliability are further decisive factors for the success of this product family. Our modular systems prove this day by day out under highly challenging conditions at temperatures ranging from below minus 25 degrees on the icy roads of Canada to over 60 degrees in the desert of Dubai. Our motivated project and development team works in constant contact with customers to continually drive up the standards we set ourselves so that we can continue to meet market requirements by offering the best transport systems on customer-friendly terms. We additionally support our customers with a full transport engineering service and various in-house software solutions for simulating a wide range of transport task.”

The PST power packs are available in different sizes with various rated outputs, from 155 kW (210 hp) to 360 kW (490 hp), and – thanks to the use of the latest generation of motors – the exhaust emission regulations on the various markets are no problem for Goldhofer’s self-propelled transporters. In addition, the Goldhofer PST/SL-E modules are fitted with electronic multiway steering with a steering angle of +/- 135°, with each axle individually controlled by a sensor and a stepless hydraulic worm gear drive. Apart from a choice of standard steering modes such as normal, transversal (90°), diagonal and carousel, additional steering programs for special transport operations can also be programmed and called up on the remote control at the press of a key. The big advantage for customers here is the ability to quickly select the optimum module combination for the individual operation without having to make the usual time-consuming changes.

Another factor in the PST success story is the holistic Goldhofer concept, which gives customers maximum freedom in the choice of modular system for full operating flexibility. Both the individual power packs and the self-propelled modules can be freely combined with Goldhofer’s conventional heavy-duty modules; the steering angle on the modular transporters is synchronized with the help of sensors and slave computer called HYDRONIC with the steering on the conventional THP vehicle.

With the shipment of the one-thousandth self-propelled module, Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft has passed yet another milestone, which the company sees as an incentive for further innovation. “We are not resting on our laurels; in the next few months we will be presenting still more developments in this product segment,” says Horst Häfele. “It is only through such innovations that we can continue to be successful on the marketplace and ensure a long-term future for our location in Memmingen.”

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