Spare parts + accessories

A perfect match

Our vehicles are designed and engineered for a long service life, with demanding operations under grueling conditions. For that reason we employ only top-quality branded components. But even the best parts can wear out in the course of time. To keep your vehicle in top condition in terms of function and safety, we recommend that you only use original Goldhofer parts.

Whatever your requirements, from a single part to a complete assembly, our customer service staff are always happy to advise. Every now and then, we have special offers for spare parts as well as reconditioned components.


We can also offer you a customized spare parts package for your specific vehicle – from individual parts to complete assemblies.


Look out for our special offers of various spare parts!


In addition to new spare parts, we also have a stock of reconditioned parts for many components. Please do not hesitate to ask!

easyPARTs spare parts catalog

In our spare parts catalog »easyPARTs« you can find exactly the spare parts you are in need of for your vehicle in an easy and convienient way. The catalog will impress you by its ease of use.

That is new:

  • Personalized user login
  • Improved filter function
  • Clear laid out indication of vehicle-based documents
  • Granting nicknames for your catalogs

To get to »easyPARTs« click on "Spare Parts Log In" on the right top of our website, or just click the link below.

Go to »easyPARTs« now.


Individual counseling

Goldhofer is your specialist for outstanding haulage solutions and will sit down with you to find exactly the right vehicle for your needs. We are also happy to help you make a perfect choice of accessories for your work. Our sales and service staff are available for individual counseling on the range of accessories designed for use with our vehicles.


Our customer service staff are always happy to advise on the optimum choice of tow bar for your conventional tow tractor. One-stop shopping is our motto. It saves you both time and money.


For detailed information on the accessories available for our trailers/semitrailers, please speak to your contact in our sales department. We are always at your service to ensure you find the perfect solution.


Please contact our sales personnel for full information on the accessories available for your vehicle. We are always pleased to help you select the right components and make you an offer.