The intelligent »BLADEX« scissor lift system is a high-performance supplement for our pendular axle flatbed semi-trailer. Complex and expensive detours or r oute adjustments are now a thing of the past due to the rail-mounted system: Even tight curves and obstacles are not a challenge anymore for »BLADEX«. The scissor lift system, with a lift of 10 m, also sets new benchmarks with regard to flexibility: The flatbed semi-trailer can be varied in the extraction stages when loaded, which enables it to ideally react to every situation and therefore relieves the load on the vane.


Accessories and options

General accessories


  Knorr “TIM”/Wabco “Smartboard”  
+   Radio remote control  
+   Wide load marker boards  
+   Storage boxes under the loading area  
+   Working lights  
+   Lift axle  
+   Electrohydraulic or dieselhydraulic power pack  
+   Spare wheel carrier  
+   High front wall  
+   Toolbox  
Loading area
+   Stake pocket strip  
+   Threaded bushes  
+   Load-securing trestle  
+   Twist locks  
+   Rail system including sliding table  
+   »BLADEX«