FTV 300


The FTV 300 comes into its own on mostly narrow route sections where conventional transport solutions quickly reach their limitations. With an alignment angle of up to 60°, even difficult passages can be effortlessly overcome and the rotor blades can thereby reach their planned destination safely and efficiently.

Your benefits
  • Ballast weights to compensate for different blade weights
  • Cost effective transport solution for all customary rotor blades
  • Interchangeable rotor blade adaptor
  • Extendable and adjustable for future hole-pattern variants
  • Possible utilization as self-driven and towed modular chassis
  • Efficient in action

Technical features

+ Alignment angle maximum   60°
+ Pitch angle   endless
+ Maximum rotor blade diameter   2,800 mm
+ Dead weight   12.6 t
+ Ballast weight   14 t
+ Lifting torque   300 mt


General Accessories

+ Wind measuring on the blade tip
+ Remote radio control with axle pressure indicator and wind indicator
+ Safety terrain for safe work on the adaptor
+ Access ladder

Rotor blade adaptor

+ dead weight 2.4 t for diameter up to 2,800 mm


FTV 300 in action