FTV 550


Goldhofer's FTV 550 takes the progressive development of wind turbines into account. The FTV 550 is able to accommodate even the largest rotor blades. The ingenious FTV 550 has already proven itself hundreds of times in practical situations for the transport of the latest rotor blade generations and easily masters them.

Your benefits
  • Display for essential application parameters
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Installed between the modular chassis to reduce the total height
  • Very low center of gravity for increased safety
  • Closed working platform
  • Safety at work when attaching the blades

Technical features

+ Raised maximum angle   60°
+ Pitch angle   endless
+ Maximum rotor blade diameter   3,400 mm
+ Dead weight   15.7 t
+ Ballast weight   18 t
+ Lifting torque   550 mt

Accessories and options

General Accessories

+ Wind measuring on the blade tip
+ Remote radio control with axle pressure indicator and wind indicator
+ Railing for safe work on the adaptor
+ Access ladder

Rotor blade adaptor

+ dead weight 2.6 t for diameter up to 3,400 mm


FTV 500 in action