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10. 2015

The all-new AST-2 »Phoenix«

In the 4th generation, the AST 2 is based on a completely new compact modular design concept, with a hydrostatically powered steering drive axle for maximum traction even under low loads. The vehicle is available with a choice of two engines and has a triple-circuit braking system that ensures optimum braking power distribution for outstanding safety and reliability. The engines comply with all international emission codes (Euro IIIa or IVf).

In terms of performance, too, Goldhofer is one step ahead. Pickup is completed in less than a minute, and even in an emergency the aircraft can be released in less than a minute. In combination with the steering drive axle, the hydrostatic drive guarantees smooth acceleration. And the new selectable differential ensures excellent traction in bad weather and winter conditions.

A ground power unit, which can also be retrofitted to all these vehicles, maintains aircraft power supply during towing. The revamped cab is air-conditioned and has a new suspension system. It combines maximum comfort with unbeatable all-round vision. An optional lowerable cab is ideal for underbelly operations.

The AST 2 is the new benchmark for maintenance. The service plan permits all maintenance to be completed in one shift – for reduced downtime and maximum availability. All maintenance points are well laid out and easily accessible. Where assistance from Goldhofer is nevertheless required, remote access is provided for by agreement with the customer via GPRS, wi-fi or LAN.

Apron operations involve a lot of waiting. An automatic start-stop system ensures maximum savings by reducing both fuel consumption and maintenance costs, which are based on operating hours – another key to reducing total cost of ownership!

Additions to the range of aircraft to be handled, from the Fokker 70/100 to the Boeing B777-300ER are another good reason for investing in the latest generation of the AST 2.

news overview