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04. 2014

The number five »Faktor 5«

The transport specialists at Allelys Heavy Haulage in the UK have attracted frequent coverage of their spectacular operations on British television. For future TV appearances, the company’s Director David Allely and his team now have a new star in the fleet: a »Faktor 5«, the new high girder bridge produced by Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft in Memmingen. This big Goldhofer baby can handle loads at a payload to deadweight ratio of 5:1.

“We already have two Goldhofer high girder bridges, which we use to transport transformers and other heavy loads the length and breadth of Britain. With the »Faktor 5«, we’ll be even more flexible and ideally equipped for future transport operations,” says a  delighted David Allely with regard to his company’s latest investment, which is also an expression of long years of confidence in the know-how of the Bavarian quality manufacturer.

For David Allely’s new high girder bridge, the specialists in Memmingen have again come up with a special solution: The first »Faktor 5« to be delivered to the UK can be utilized either as a conventional high girder bridge or as a vessel bridge. “That greatly improves the vehicle’s flexibility and equips our customer for every possible operational requirement. This versatility is something Allelys Heavy Haulage have long been waiting for, and I am proud that we have again been able to meet their requirements in full,” says Stefan Fuchs, CEO of Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft.

As Transport Manager Eric Harrison explains, Allelys Heavy Haulage will mainly be using their new »Faktor 5« to handle payloads of between 220 and 350 tons, although the Goldhofer high girder bridge is designed for loads of up to 500 tons: “We are looking forward to the first operations with the new »Faktor 5«.”

With the latest »Faktor 5« high girder bridge for Allelys Heavy Haulage, Goldhofer has added another impressive chapter to the success story of this innovative high girder bridge. When the UK company takes delivery in July, there will be five »Faktor 5« bridges in service with leading haulage companies worldwide: Silamas in Thailand, Erickson in North America, Kraftdragarna in Sweden, Transpi in Brazil and Allelys in the UK. That is quite an achievement for a product that only made its international debut in the summer of 2012. “Success speaks for itself: The outstanding resonance shows that we have the ability to develop the innovations the market has been waiting for. Let’s keep it that way!” says a delighted Stefan Fuchs with regard to the »Faktor 5« boom.

The »Faktor 5« high girder bridge

The »Faktor 5« high girder bridge is available from Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft in a number of variants. The innovation is an impressive combination of outstanding engineering and highly cost-effective operation. It is a safe, reliable and intelligent transport system for many special requirements.

The high girder bridge is the ideal solution wherever extremely heavy loads – transformers, generators, heavy components and so on – need to be moved. It really comes into its own for transport operations in difficult situations, e.g. across bridges and other load-sensitive structures and surfaces. The suspension stroke of the bridge, not including the stroke of the heavy-duty modules in the load bearing area, is about 1.80 m. With load width adjustable between 3 and 6.75 m plus easy adjustment for maximum convenience, the new high girder bridge is a highly flexible solution.

With load length in the 11–17 m range and above plus extremely variable axle configurations from 2 x 12 to 2 x 20 axle lines, the sky is the limit when transporting heavy and large items. The »Faktor 5« high girder bridge also offers easy mobilization and economical shipping in containers, a key consideration for operations in remote locations.

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