Universal Transport modernizing its fleet of heavy duty modules with Goldhofer Replacing THP/ET with THP/SL-S modules: lower weight, enhanced stability, greater flexibility

Fast and reliable transportation for wind power components

The oversized load and heavy hauling company Universal Transport of Paderborn is equipping its wind power transportation fleet with 62 THP/SL-S (285) axle lines from the house of Goldhofer. With a vehicle width of 3,000 mm, axle spacing of 1,500 mm and a higher bending moment, the single wheel modules have been ordered as a replacement for the German company’s current Goldhofer THP/ET modules.

For the safe and reliable transportation of outsized, heavy and long components for wind power plants, the heavy-duty specialists at the international player Universal Transport have been using pendular axle modules in Goldhofer's THP/ET series for over 20 years. In anticipation of stricter regulatory requirements, the North Rhine-Westphalian company is now replacing them with 62 THP/SL-S (285) axle lines. In addition to a loading area that has been widened by 250 mm to 3,000 mm and an axle spacing of 1,500 mm, such factors as lower deadweight, higher bending moment and unlimited combinability within the Goldhofer SL family also played a decisive role in the company’s decision. “With this individually tailored modular solution, we can offer fast, reliable and economical delivery of very long and heavy loads on challenging routes to the various construction sites,” says Markus Frost, Managing Director of Universal Transport.

“We are delighted and proud of the new contract signed with Universal Transport, which reflects the high level of confidence placed in our products and services. It also strengthens us in our resolve to continue with our successful developments in terms of lower weight, greater safety, faster assembly and shorter journey times,” says Rainer Auerbacher, Head of Transport Technology at Goldhofer AG.