Pushback with power

We supply aircraft tow tractors to suit airport environments anywhere in the world. Our tractors are doing a great job everywhere – including in hot climates, at high altitudes and in freezing temperatures. They are designed with extreme weather and operating conditions in mind.

Innovative, well-thought-out, all- purpose: »BISON« is a completely new family of conventional aircraft tow tractors. Thanks to their modular design, the vehicles can be easily adapted to any requirements, making »BISON« the perfect solution for aircraft handling in the weight class up to 400 t. With the future expansion of our model range by additional sizes, the complete aircraft range on the market can be covered.

From our baby F59 via our brandnew product family »BISON« through to our heavyweight F396 for aircrafts up to the Airbus A380 or Boeing B77, we support the aviation industry worldwide.


  • Highest ground readiness and availability thanks to ease of maintenance
  • Modularity of assemblies across all categories for optimized and cost-effective wearing and spare parts stockpiling
  • Prompt spare parts availability thanks to standardized components
  • Low TCO and increased environmental sustainability through reduced consumables
  • Start/stop function for reduction of operating hours, enhanced engine lifetime, less emissions and CO2 savings
  • Flexible ballasting concept (small gradations within the ballastings) allows for individual configuration according to deployment
  • From »BISON« D 620 on prearrangement of hydraulic and electric for rear driver platform for easy retrofitting
  • Future-proofness and flexibility thanks to convertibility of all models from Diesel powered to electric motors
  • Radio remote control for single man operation
  • Ergonomic operating panel in the operator’s armrest
  • Full three-men-cabin
  • User-friendliness, uniform operation of different vehicle sizes for higher safety
  • Optimum price-performance ratio

About »BISON«

The Goldhofer »BISON« family is the image of persistence, strength and adaptability. The agile heavy weight can take on even the toughest competitions. The name says it all, as the robust and modest vehicle concept focuses on low-maintenance assemblies and is all future-ready thanks to its product platform with Diesel powered and electric motors across all models.

Future-proof platform
The modular »BISON« family uses many identical parts and thus ensures outstanding spare parts availability and optimum allocation conditions in our service. The highly flexible ballasting possibilities allow for individual configuration according to the respective application. Further, all vehicles are ready to easily retrofit an additional operator platform. Moreover, the convertibility of all models from Diesel powered to electric motors ensures future-proofness and flexibility. A comprehensive set of options top off the product family.

Uniform operation
Once you know one »BISON«, you know them all. The uniform operating concept of all tow tractors of the »BISON« family guarantees easiest handling and reduces time spent for operator training, which is an additional safety factor. The ergonomic operating panel in the operator’s armrest as well as the option for a radio remote control concurrently increase user comfort.

Easy maintenance
The »BISON« family is stripped down to the basics and impresses in terms of convenient design. Thanks to long-life and premium components as well as a robust construction, maintenance requirements are reduced to a minimum.


Type F59

The F59 has powerful four-wheel drive and offers reliable towing for civil and military aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 70 tons. An optional lifting cabin provides excellent visibility for safe maneuvering on the apron and in the hangar.

»BISON« D 370

No matter if the weather is hot and dusty or rainy and cold. No matter if it's windy or freezing: the »BISON« flexibly adapts to any weather. Equipped with an automatic full-power-shift transmission the »BISON« D 370 offers highest performance for handling aircrafts up to a MTOW of 100 t (220,000 lbs) like the Airbus A321 or Boeing 737.

»BISON« E 370

The »BISON« E with Goldhofer’s innovative »IonMaster« technology is a tireless working animal and delivers the equal performance just like its diesel-powered siblings - without any emissions! You don't need a special charging infrastructure and can achieve 80 % of battery attainability within two hours charging time only! Thus, the »BISON« E can be deployed nearly 24/7 while being recharged during any time out. It handles aircrafts up to 100 t (220,000 lbs) MTOW like the Airbus A321 or Boeing 737 easily.

»BISON« D 620

Also in terms of toughness, the »BISON« truly stands out from the pack and offers you a future-proof and innovative vehicle that is easy to operate. Don't compromise in terms of lifetime and TCO! The »BISON« D 620 is ideally suited to tow aircrafts with a MTOW of up to 200 t (440,000 lbs) like the Boeing 767.

»BISON« D 1000

The »BISON« D 1000 is an unstoppable powerhouse and easily tows aircrafts of up to 400 t (880,000 lbs) MTOW like the Boeing 747-400 or Airbus A340-600. Thought out details and components from brand manufacturers increase its durability and reduce maintenance costs. At the same time, its robust front cabin of all-steel construction withstands even the toughest operating conditions while seats with air suspension, sliding windows, heating / air conditioning packages and the ergonomic operating panel offer the best working conveniences for the driver.

Type F396

The F396 tow tractor is our best-selling tractor and a heavy-weight champion. With a combination of four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer, it is ideal for handling all types of wide-body aircraft. The fully automatic transmission ensures smooth continuous delivery of enormous power. That is the key to safe and effortless working on the apron.

The F369E is the economical solution for airports requiring middle-distance towing and is an economical and reliable workhorse for all pushback operations.

The "C" is the medium version of the F396 and the perfect choice for pushbacks and long-distance towing.

The Schopf F396P is the tractor of choice where speed counts. It has the bullish power and perfect drive technology for handling aircraft like the Airbus A380.