All in a day’s work at Hutchinson: the STZ-VP 8 (285)

Hutchinson Engineering Services Limited was founded in 1979 and is headquartered near Newark in the UK. The company’s portfolio, which is spread across two divisions, includes quality vehicle engineering, crane and plant hire, and above all heavy haulage services. As a recent addition to its fleet, Hutchinson also operates a new Goldhofer STZ-VP 8 (285), which has been in great demand from the start.

Hutchinson’s haulage specialist Harry Hughes has already handled numerous jobs with the Goldhofer low loader and is “deeply impressed” by the robust engineering that has gone into the vehicle. “I work with the STZ-VP 8 (285) on a daily basis: a powerful workhorse that is ideally suited for all haulage operations, especially involving heavy plant like the 90-ton hydraulic drilling rig that had to be moved on rough construction site terrain!”

On longer journeys, too, the new low loader has already proved its worth: A 90-ton crane was recently transported over a distance of 110 km from Cambridge to Lincolnshire and an 85-ton crusher from the Southwest of England to the West Midlands. For moving big and heavy machinery and plant, the STZ-VP 8 (285) with the drop deck is the ideal solution. Thanks to the highly robust design of the trailer frame, the STZ-VP 8 (285) has a high bending moment and, with an axle load of up to 16 tons, it is currently the most powerful semi lowloader available from Goldhofer. The proven pendular axle system ensures even load distribution on all the wheels, and the 65 degree steering angle gives the driver maximum maneuverability on difficult passages. The impressive suspension stroke of 600 mm qualifies the vehicle for difficult terrain and rough construction site ground.

Harry Hughes: “For us, the STZ-VP 8 (285) is an all-rounder that prepares us for the future with optimum flexibility for our fleet. The modular system means we can choose between a 5-axle and an 8-axle configuration and thus react faster to growing demands in the heavy haulage industry.”