Making a splash at Plantworx 2017 Goldhofer transport solutions for the construction industry take the UK by storm

With its innovative transport solutions for the construction plant industry, the German quality vehicle manufacturer Goldhofer of Memmingen in Bavaria hit the bull's eye at Plantworx 2017 in Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire, UK. Together with Andover, Goldhofer presented its full and varied range of products for all kinds of construction machinery and vehicles at its 432 sq.m. stand in the grounds of Bruntingthorpe. The highlight of this year's trade show was the new STZ-VP 8eight-axle low-loader semitrailerfor the most demanding construction site operations. The latest Goldhofer innovation from Goldhofer’s new STZ-VP (285) family is a muscular workhorse capable of handling heavy loads up to 120 tons.

"With the exhibits selected for the trade show we really hit the nail on the head. The sheer numbers of visitors to our stand shows once again that there is keen demand and a high level of acceptance for Goldhofer's intelligent transport solutions. That makes it all the more important for us to maintain a strong presence on this growth market as a transport specialist for the relevant industries such as the construction plant industry and the heavy-haulage industry, etc. That is something we definitely achieved at Plantworx. It is particularly gratifying that our latest innovation, the STZ-VP 8, met with such a keen response from the experts," says Dennis Leschensky, Area Sales Manager UK and Ireland.

The STZ-VP (285) low loader semitrailers is a real all-rounder with an impressive axle load of 16 tons, a high bending moment and Goldhofer's tried and tested pendular axle technology. The other advantages for moving construction plant include the high payload on the drop deck, a low profile deck (200 mm) and the flexibility available for combining the individual components.

In addition Goldhofer also presented a four-axle low loader semi-trailer from the MPA series that is designed for maximum versatility for an almost endless range of operations   in the payload range up to 60 tons.