Impressive presence at Bauma: Enormous increase in visitor totals plus numerous promising talks and contracts signedbauma 2019

Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft was very satisfied with the outcome of Bauma 2019. The great interest shown by trade visitors in the new products and features making their public debut and the high level of demand for quality transport solutions more than exceeded the expectations of Rainer Auerbacher, Member of the Board Transport Technology at Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft. A particularly pleasing development was the high increase in the number of trade visitors from abroad. A major source of interest was the world premiere of Goldhofer’s new innovative electronic steering system, the new tire with low diameter and high tire load and an extremely resilient floor covering. The crowds were also drawn by the PST with »SPEEDRIVE« function and the »ADDRIVE 2.0« heavy-duty module that can be used in both the self-propelled and the towed modes. Rainer Auerbacher's conclusion: „Bauma is simply the Mecca of the construction and transport industry.“

The new features incorporated in Goldhofer’s Bauma innovation vehicle are always top secret and are not revealed until the first day of the event. Once again the excitement was correspondingly great, as evidenced by the many media representatives attending the premiere.

Visitors were also highly impressed by the study for an electronic steering system featured on the STZ-L 4. The system guarantees the optimum steering angle in every situation, taking full account of the weight, dimensions, position and length of the load. The result is a steering performance that ensures maximum maneuverability of the low-loader. For optimum maneuvering, the system offers a choice between individual steering modes, with a radio remote available for operation from the driver’s cab.

The deck of this year’s innovation vehicle featured Goldhofer’s new hard-wearing polymer covering, which offers outstanding resistance to environmental influences such as UV light as well as cargo-related damage. With an ideal coefficient of friction for load securing that is better than rubber matting, the new covering is much thinner and lighter, thus reducing deadweight by up to 500 kg per vehicle.

A further feature included the »CARGO PLUS« low-profile tire developed especially for Goldhofer, which reduces loading height by up to 80 millimeters. These allow shorter vehicle solutions due to their higher permitted load capacity and thus make transporters more efficient.

There was equally keen interest in the other solutions presented at Bauma such as the »ARCUS« PK and Goldhofer’s intelligent solution for transporting wind turbine blades »VENTUM« in combination with »BLADEX« and the FTV 500. The PST with the »SPEEDRIVE« freewheel function and the new »ADDRIVE« 2.0 were also real crowd-pullers, as the many questions and animated discussions showed.

Goldhofer will be attending the next Bauma in three years’ time. Rainer Auerbacher says: „As the leading trade show for the industry, Bauma offers Goldhofer an ideal opportunity to meet with proven experts from the field of construction and to debate new transport solutions. The discussions held there stimulate thinking on both sides and generate interesting approaches to innovative solutions. Maybe we will be presenting the results at Bauma 2022!“

Goldhofer’s latest innovations score at Baumabauma 2016

Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft enjoyed resounding success at Bauma 2016 with a veritable feast of innovations. The top-seller at open-air stand number FN 823/1 was Goldhofer’s world first by the name of »ADDrive«, the German company’s brand-new switchable drive for heavy-duty axles.

 “The response has been outstanding. The numbers sold in Munich show that we have again developed just the solution the heavy-haulage industry has been waiting for,” says Stefan Fuchs, CEO of Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft. Making its debut at Bauma, Goldhofer’s MPA-K modular system for the semitrailer generation with MPA Axle Technology, was also a big success.

As a third international innovation, Goldhofer presented its groundbreaking self-propelled module PST/ES-E 4 285 heavy-duty axle system, which features 25% hydraulic width adjustment for enhanced lateral stability – here also, a large order was placed. All customers and visitors were enthusiastic of the amazing appearance at Bauma 2016 and looking forward to Bauma 2019 – says C.E.O Stefan Fuchs.