In the tough daily transport routine, time counts above all. In order to load and unload various loads as quickly as possible, our STZ-VL lowboy trailer can be driven over from the front. With increasing weight and volumes of the loaded goods, it is also crucial that the vehicles themselves are as light as possible and, at the same time, able to carry high payloads. The STZ-VL is a true champions in this case and it will make your transports safe and efficient.


Your benefits
  • Horizontal pin between lowdeck and bogie
  • Versatile vehicle combinations for the most varied utilizations and maximum extension


  • Can be combined with jeep dollies
  • Simple increase of the payload
  • User-friendly operation of the vehicle

Technical features



Axle load
(depending on country-related regulations)


10-12 t at 80 km/h

+   Loading height   depending on the design of the deck
+   Axle compensation   270 mm
+   Tires   245/70 R 17.5
+   Vehicle width    2,550 mm / 2,750 mm
+   Max. steering angle   ± 45°
+   Center beam fifth wheel load   26 t / 35 t / 44 t
+   Outside position beams fifth wheel load   20 t / 30 t
+   Swing clearence radius   2,100-2,800 mm
+   Gooseneck   Hydraulic
+   Bridge design construction height   200-300 mm
+   Extendability   Rigid or single telescopic
+   Width excavator boom recess   760 mm / 960 mm
+   Number of axles   2-4 axles
+   Optional Trail King Booster axle
+   Optional Flip axle

Accessories and options

General accessories



Knorr “TIM” / Wabco “Smartboard”

+   “easyCONTROL” remote steering  
+   Storage boxes under the loading platform  
+   Working lights  
+   Lift axle  



Spare wheel carrier




High front wall



+   Premium tool box  
+   Loading ramp + Premium tool box  
+   Cable winch  
+   Stowage aids for accessories  
+   Diesel power pack  
Loading platform


  Long material trestle, stanchion pocket strip  
+   Outriggers  



Threaded bushings

+   Load-securing trestle  
+   Sliding table  
+   Insertable wheel recesses  
+   Various rear designs  
+   Hydraulic ramp sideshift  
+   Climbing pads  
+   Mechanical/hydraulic landing legs  
+   Detachable ramps  
+   Ramps in a variety of widths, lengths and coverings  


dead Weight
Horizontal pin
between the low-
deck and bogie

STZ-VL in action