Flite Line at the International GSE Expo in Las Vegas. Electrifying: All signs point to zero-emission ground handlingOctober 5-7, 2021, outdoor stand 837

Goldhofer »PHOENIX« E
Guinault E GPU
Rheinmetall eMSU

In collaboration with the manufacturers Goldhofer, Guinault and Rheinmetall, Flite Line presents the latest generation of battery-electric ground handling systems

This year, Goldhofer’s American subsidiary Flite Line is making emission-free ground handling the focus of its stand at the GSE Expo. Together with Goldhofer, Guinault and Rheinmetall, the full-range supplier of GSE is showcasing all-electric aircraft tow tractors, and battery-operated ground power and air start units. Flite Line’s indoor booth 529 will be the setting for the premiere of Goldhofer’s »PHOENIX« E, the top-selling towbarless aircraft tractor in an all-electric version. With its outstanding performance and fast opportunity charging capability, it need fear no comparisons with diesel-powered models.

Equally powerful and completely emission-free is the brand new Rheinmetall eMSU air start unit, which is also making its debut in Las Vegas. The all-electric unit can be used for starting the main engines (MES mode) and can be recharged from any electric vehicle charging station or regular power grid interface.

Energy required for the aircraft on the ground is delivered by Guinault’s all-electric EGA180 battery ground power unit with up to 180 kVA output. It provides mobile exhaust-free power for aircraft up to B777 even under the toughest operating conditions. The unique design of this E-GPU is based on 5 years of data gathering from Guinault diesel GPUs worldwide, together with a deep expertise in power electronics, magnetics and digital control.

Sustainable, powerful and proven: the »PHOENIX« E

Following completion of intensive testing at Munich Airport, the »PHOENIX« E on show in Las Vegas is ready to go into service at airports worldwide. Ground handlers can look forward to the same range of performance as with the diesel version plus lower operating costs, longer maintenance cycles and of course zero-emission operation. The »PHOENIX« E is one of today’s most versatile towbarless aircraft tractors, offering effortless handling of 70 percent of the passenger and cargo aircraft on the market. Goldhofer’s »IonMaster« technology utilizes extremely efficient 700 V lithium-ion batteries and an active thermal management system (TMS) for significantly longer battery life. Tried and tested in the commercial vehicle industry, the technology delivers top performance combined with the highest safety standards plus short charging times and fast opportunity charging.

Digitization at its best

With the new Goldhofer »LINK«, Iot platform, customers benefit from effective monitoring and predictive maintenance tools for their Goldhofer equipment. It is being continuously evolved to support future digital product and maintenance functionalities. This makes Goldhofer »LINK« the optimum tool for smart vehicle performance management.

Eco-friendly starts: the Rheinmetall eMSU

At this year’s GSE Expo, Rheinmetall is presenting the first all-electric, air start unit to come onto the market. The Rheinmetall eMSU is in compliance with relevant environmental requirements and operates completely emission-free. It has a bleed air output of 250 ppm and is suitable for use in all climates. In addition, this environmentally friendly solution features a fast battery charging system and high-grade components with low maintenance requirements. The new eMSU is a valuable addition to Rheinmetall’s family of air start units and represents a greener solution for airports wishing to transform the future of flying.

Zero emission APU-OFF: the Guinault EGA180 battery ground power unit

Purely emission-free operation is also available with the Guinault EGA180 ground power unit, which can supply power to aircraft up to B777 in even the most extreme environments. The ultra-rugged machine is fully corrosion-resistant and is engineered to withstand harsh conditions in airport environments. With its modular design, it can accommodate numerous integration options and various types of batteries with capacities ranging from 55 to 165 kWh. With Guinault’s battery-operated ground power units, users have a reliable zero-emission ground power system that further optimizes the working environment and operations with aircraft on the ground. The Guinault onboard charger offers various possibilities for charging on airport available infrastructure. The Guinault digital control system allows a deep monitoring of the operations remotely, as well as SMS/e-mail alerting. This extremely precise trouble shooting tool has become a major help in the technical support of the product, instantaneously and from everywhere. Guinault E GPU took advantage of the large inhouse expertise in power electronics, magnetics and digital electronics to deliver the right the solution for a zero emission APU-OFF.

Digitalization on conventional diesel [For info on the author’s research, go to: https://pdf.directindustry.com/pdf/guinault-sa-france/e-ga-series-mobile-400-hz-battery-ground-power-unit/126909-939976-_2.html]

Pushback and tow training: simple and ingenious simulation at the Flite Line stand

In support of the highest standard of aircraft towing operations, UFA’s ATVehicle offers a state-of-the-art pushback and towing simulator including high-fidelity models of Goldhofer’s »BISON« and »PHOENIX«. A training center operated by EFM in Munich was delivered in February 2020. With the simulator, EFM has already produced many operational benefits including significantly reduced training cost and duration, greatly improved training quality, and new training opportunities as real risk to equipment is removed. Goldhofer, EFM, and UFA are excited to partner together and demonstrate the simulator capabilities on the show floor.

For fifty years now, Flite Line has been serving customers in the North and South American markets with a portfolio of industry leading airport and transport equipment. This year, the company is celebrating its jubilee and is particularly pleased to see such innovations as e-mobility solutions now contributing to a key business area. Interest in greener solutions in the GSE sector is growing worldwide. Flite Line is committed to meeting these challenges, as visitors will be able to see for themselves at stand 837. “At Flite Line we have always been committed to providing our customers with industry leading products, and this year will be no different when we present our companies’ latest technologies in e-mobility. Together with the three leading manufacturers Goldhofer, Rheinmetall and Guinault, we will be presenting a portfolio of solutions that is as diverse as it is sustainable and is sure to electrify the market.,” says Michael Collazo, CEO of Flite Line.

New BISON and SHERPA families with fully electric modelsGSE Expo 2018

They are strong, dynamic, adaptable and resilient. The new »BISON« family from Goldhofer will make its first public appearance at the International Airport GSE Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. From October 2 to 4, 2018, Goldhofer will present completely new conventional aircraft tow tractors in the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino at booth 713, which will be hosted by Flite Line, a Goldhofer company in the U.S. market. The booth will also provide a perfect place for the exchange of know-how across different sectors as we are joined by Rheinmetall, Hitzinger and Esterer, who are all leading players in their respective fields.

Inspired by the national mammal of the U.S., the »BISON« family has been designed for reliable and efficient pushbacks. Based on 70 years of experience, »BISON« is a completely new vehicle family that combines state-of-the-art technology with a unique modular design. The »BISON« family comprises three sizes – but this is just the beginning of a herd that will grow within the next few years. With powerful diesel engines and electric motors, the flexible and future-proof aircraft tractor family will allow users to cover any weight class and aircraft type. Providing maximum performance and minimum operator effort, »BISON« conventional aircraft tow tractors are not only loyal companions for any driver, but a force to be reckoned with – today and in the future.

At the International Airport GSE Expo, Goldhofer will showcase two »BISON« D models with diesel engines and one »BISON« E model with a battery drive train. Thanks to the modular product platform of the »BISON« family, a »BISON« D can be converted into a »BISON« E at any time. This allows you to go green without having to exchange your »BISON« fleet.

The same concept has also been implemented with the »SHERPA« family from Goldhofer, which will be represented in Las Vegas by a fully electric »SHERPA« E model. Equipped with Goldhofer’s innovative »IonMaster« technology, this tireless baggage and cargo tow tractor allows 24 hours of operation and does not require a special charging infrastructure. With the »BISON« E and »SHERPA« E, Goldhofer sets a benchmark in e-mobility in the GSE sector.

The International Airport GSE Expo will also provide a great opportunity to get in touch with the experts from Goldhofer to learn more about Goldhofer’s solutions for airports around the globe. Notable examples are the »PHOENIX«, which has already become a classic among towbarless tractors, and our ARTS (Aircraft Recovery Transport System), which ensures that damaged aircraft are recovered and removed as quickly as possible and thus avoiding high extra costs. Goldhofer’s comprehensive offering for ground support equipment is completed by their customer service, which ranges from intensive trainings, vehicle inspections and overhauls, to a full service offer and a 24/7 emergency hotline.

Come and see the world premiere of the new »BISON« family at the International Airport GSE Expo. Goldhofer and Flite Line are pleased to invite members of the press to a special press conference. This will be held on October 2, 2018, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. at booth 713.