Goldhofer aircraft tow tractor for Sochi International Airport

The Goldhofer »BISON« D 1000 in operation at Sochi Airport (photos: AeroTransTechnique, Goldhofer)

A »BISON« 1000 tow tractor has gone into service at Sochi International Airport (Russia), one of the country’s ten busiest airports. The Goldhofer tractor is now providing safe and reliable handling for aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of up to 240 tons. In order to maintain 24-hour operations in the face of constant growth, the airport has added this powerful, flexible and cost-effective tow tractor to its fleet. The decision was made in favor of the »BISON« D 1000 as the top-performing version. Goldhofer’s highly flexible workhorse was delivered by AeroTransTechnique LLC (ATT) of St. Petersburg.

As Goldhofer’s official distributor in Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), ATT – in close cooperation with Sochi International Airport’s operating company – prepared, steered and implemented all activities relating to the purchase of the »BISON« D 1000. Thanks to its modular design, the tractor’s engine configuration could be adapted to the airport operator’s specific needs, while the large diesel tank means it can be used for double shift working without any stoppages or delays. In addition, the 1,000-hour maintenance interval and minimum maintenance requirements are the key to continuous and cost-effective operation of the vehicle. In combination with its extremely long service life, the result is a very low total cost of ownership.

Product variety and operating flexibility with the »BISON« family

The highly maneuverable pushback tractors in the modular »BISON« series are in use in daily ground handling operations at airports around the globe. In order to cater for the wide range of requirements on the apron, the »BISON« is available with a choice of four engine power ratings for diesel tractors with a tractive force of 125 to 600 tons and two power classes for electric tractors with a tractive force of 125 to 250 tons. With a common parts strategy across the entire product range, ground handlers require significantly less storage space for spare parts, which permits a lean and cost-effective inventory management strategy. In addition, the flexible ballasting concept allows for individual configurations for the job in hand and quick changes to the ballast at any time.

AeroTransTechnique – ground support equipment for Russia and the CIS

As an official Goldhofer distributor, ATT located in St. Petersburg offers a comprehensive range of aircraft and cargo tow tractors and aircraft recovery equipment. This is the basis for customized solutions tailored to the types of aircraft involved, the airport infrastructure and the general operating conditions. ATT’s customers also benefit from a full range of services, from technical support, spare parts and component supplies, diagnostics and maintenance to warranty services and repairs.