»ADDRIVE« in operation

With »STEPSTAR« and »ADDrive«, Goldhofer is presenting flexible, multifunctional and cost-effective transport solutions

The new self-tracking semi lowloaders in the »STEPSTAR« series offer top quality engineering, high payloads combined with a low dead weight, and an innovative load securing system. An intelligent loading area design and the »MEGA« loadable gooseneck are the key to optimum utilization of the overall vehicle length. Goldhofer’s tried and tested »ADDrive« is an equally uncompromisingly application-focussed solution. It combines the advantages of a towed and a self-propelled heavy-duty module. Such flexibility avoids the need to transfer the cargo from a road transport vehicle to one or more self-propelled transporters, which may be necessary more than once on certain routes. “After such a long period with no major trade shows, we are very much looking forward to once again presenting our transport solutions face-to-face and holding interesting discussions”, says Robert Steinhauser, Sales Manager Europe / North Africa at Goldhofer.

»STEPSTAR«, a universal and flexible workhorse

The »STEPSTAR« series introduced in 2020 comprises three- to five-axle self-tracking semi-trailers with an intelligent load securing system. The new generation of ramps, which has been specially developed for vehicles with low ramp angles, combines convenient operation by radio remote with fast attachment and removal. The extra-long and wide excavator arm recess is integrated in the load area and open to the rear so that excavators with bigger booms can also be easily moved. The series includes versions with one or two pairs of wheel recesses plus an extremely low – and therefore loadable – »MEGA« gooseneck. In addition, the entire loading area can be fitted with the hard-wearing TraffideckGO polymer covering co-developed by Goldhofer. This not only saves weight but also reduces loading height compared with conventional wood or rubber flooring and at the same time offering the same high friction coefficient. “The »STEPSTAR« is the perfect response to our customers’ expectations: top quality plus intelligent details at a competitive price. Many customers particularly appreciate the fact that the 3-axle versions can be used for permit-free transport operations throughout Europe with payloads of up to 26.3 t and a gross combination length of 16.5 m,” says Robert Steinhauser

»ADDRIVE« – a talented allrounder

Wherever in the world heavy loads need to be transported over challenging routes and to difficult-to-access locations, Goldhofer’s »ADDrive« is the equipment of choice. Based on the Goldhofer SL family, users can operate this intelligent transport solution not only as a towed heavy-duty module but also as a self-propelled transporter. This avoids en route transloading, so that transport operations can be handled much faster and, above all, more economically. With the mechanically disconnected drive system, the individual modules can be towed like conventional heavy-duty modules without heat build-up in the oil in the drive system. On inclines, bridges, confined sections of the route, and at loading and unloading points, on the other hand, the ADD mode comes with the tractive power for maximum performance in the train. In many cases, this eliminates the need for additional tractors or pushers, which greatly simplifies route planning and on-site maneuvering.

Flexibility is also the name of the game with regard to the combination options. At the trade show, for example, Goldhofer will be presenting a 280 hp »ADDRIVE« that offers enormous power in the combination of hydraulic and three driven axle lines. Also, thanks to its multi-combination coupling it can be combined with most Goldhofer heavy duty modules that are common in Europe and can naturally be used with various dropdecks and long-load turntables. The result is the ultimate in flexibility – for every operator’s fleet. With the help of »ADDRONIC«, a new synchronization software specially developed by Goldhofer, »ADDRIVE« can also be operated in combination with other self-propelled transporters and modules.

Making light work of heavy haulage: semis and lowloaders from Goldhofer at GIS 2019

Goldhofer at GIS 2019 at Piacenza Expo, Piacenza (I), October 3-5, 2019: outdoor stand H16

Visitors to this year’s GIS in Piacenza, Italy can take a close look at two Goldhofer semitrailer models designed for easier, more flexible and above all more economical haulage with heavy loads. The leading transport technology expert will be presenting not only the MPA 4 semi lowloader but also the all-purpose STZ-VP lowloader with 245 mm tires.

One of the highlights awaiting visitors to the stand will be the hydraulic lift deck section of the MPA 4 for convenient driving onto the gooseneck. They will also be impressed by the low deadweight of the sturdy STZ-VP 2 and the dropdeck of the muscular STZ-VP 8. “Our trade show portfolio at GIS will provide an impressive demonstration of versatile functionality in combination with economical operation in the field of heavy haulage,” says Marco Ceresa, Goldhofer’s representative in Italy.

»MPA« – the formula for high payloads and maneuverability

With its low loading height, the rugged MPA 4 semi lowloader is ideal for carrying high payloads and transporting loads such as construction machinery, plant components and crane segments. With its hydraulic lift deck section for driving onto the gooseneck and a high axle load of 12 tonnes, the vehicle covers a wide range of applications. The hydraulic lift deck section also means that two-piece loads can be transported safely and economically on a minimum of deck space. The low-maintenance MacPherson axle system is a further key to cost-effective working.

For heavy haulage on challenging routes and difficult terrain: the STZ-VP (245)
With its high axle load, low deadweight and big steering angle, the STZ-VP 2 lowloader is ideal for challenging heavy haulage operations on routes with varying terrain and narrow sections. Thanks to the higher payload, superior cornering characteristics and longer deck areas, the STZ-VP 2 offers safe and economical transportation with a wide variety of cargos including tall items such as boilers and excavators. In combination with an extensive range of accessories, the semitrailer, which can be individually configured to handle almost any load, is a cost-effective, maneuverable, high-performance solution with even the heaviest cargos.

The same flexibility with regard to the loads to be carried and the routes to be taken is available with the STZ-VP 8, which is designed for extreme heavy haulage under the most demanding conditions. It also comes with a very low dropdeck section (200-millimeter profile) and a deep excavator boom recess of constant width. With a permissible fifth wheel load of up to 40 tons, it has an outstanding load carrying capacity and low deadweight and is thus ideal for transporting high loads and machines. In addition, fast coupling and uncoupling of the front bogie means extremely short setup times for high capacity utilization. “The STZ-VP 8 is capable of carrying the highest possible payloads in the drop deck and with the optional use of a front bogie has the flexibility to handle any cargo. As a result, heavy loads can be transported quickly over long distances without having to make any major detours,” says Marco Ceresa.