Goldhofer »PHOENIX«: Countless aircraft movements – safe and green
Goldhofer »SHERPA« E: The powerhouse of reliable cargo movement on the apron
Guinault E-GPU EGA90/180: Securing safe ground operations for zero-emission APU-OFF
Guinault Airconditioning Unit GF50: APU-OFF solution with maximum comfort
Rheinmetall eMSU: Safe and green engine starts – fully electric
UFA ATVehicleTM simulator: Safe, lifelike training experience reduces both, maintenance costs and risks

Memmingen, July 2023

Nowadays, aircraft belong to the most secure means of travel due to extremely high safety standards, extensive staff training, advanced engineering and strict maintenance procedures. To ensure that these high standards are met, as part of the "airport machinery" vehicles and employees on the apron must also contribute to making air travel and cargo movements safe and sustainable.

Goldhofer has established itself as a leading provider of sustainable and highly efficient aircraft and cargo towing solutions, aligning with global "Green Initiatives" and "Blue Sky Policies" adopted by airports worldwide. At the upcoming International GSE Expo taking place in Las Vegas in September 2023, together with its strategic partners Flite Line will establish a new standard. Located at booth 2503 in the outdoor area of the Las Vegas Convention Center, visitors will have the opportunity to experience why Goldhofer, ABB, Guinault, Rheinmetall and UFA are always one step ahead and synonymous with »SAFETY« on the apron.


The Goldhofer Group

With a history of building aircraft tractors dating back to 1960s and electric vehicles in the 1980s, Goldhofer has established itself as one of the pioneers within the industry. During this time, Goldhofer has amassed extensive expertise and unrivaled experience. Today, among others, this is reflected in an extremely high ratio of employees in R&D. This continuous competence build-up has led to numerous ground-breaking products, such as the »PHOENIX« series or the »IONMASTER« high-voltage technology for E-vehicles. For Goldhofer, »SAFETY« is not just a theoretical concept but a culture that is deeply rooted in the company. Not only do Goldhofer vehicles score regarding operational safety: With a fleet of thousands of tow tractors and 500 cargo tractors, millions of aircraft and countless cargo have been moved reliably and with sophisticated, unique technology. As a pioneer in high-voltage technology, Goldhofer has made sure that GSE operations became extremely efficient, sustainable and safe at the same time. Operators of Goldhofer vehicles benefit from ergonomics and easy operation that guarantees safety for both, human resources, and load. The proven towbarless tractor »PHOENIX« E and cargo tractor »SHERPA« E presented at the International GSE Expo do not only represent emission-free operation on the apron, but also stand for Goldhofer »SAFETY«. Furthermore, customers benefit from extraordinary investment certainty and predictability. Goldhofer’s »LINK« enables condition-based maintenance by analyzing specific operating parameters to increase operational safety and optimize maintenance planning and vehicle operability. This makes »LINK« the perfect tool for intelligent vehicle performance management. Also, Goldhofer cultivates long-standing partnerships so that high-quality components and spare parts supply are ensured. Overall, this makes Goldhofer “the” partner not only for E-Mobility but also for safe operations on the apron.


ABB E-Mobility

As a leading global provider of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, ABB will be presenting a 50 kW DC charging station. This solution offers fast and reliable charging for apron vehicles like the »PHOENIX« E with a minimum break during ongoing operations. The goal of maximum vehicle availability is supported by a digital link to the charging station: Operational excellence starts with reliable chargers. ABB’s family of EV chargers are modularly designed to withstand heavy operation under rugged conditions. In addition, ABB’s fast chargers are the easiest in the market to service, with 24/7 connectivity for remote diagnostics, and accessible designs that expedite maintenance and field service potential faults are immediately detected and can often be corrected through a remote intervention.


Guinault SA

Specialist of 400 Hz power supply, Air Conditioning and Air Start Units since 1949, Guinault provides the most efficient and reliable services and products to ensure ground Power/Air Conditioning and Air Start to the Aircraft. Guinault uses its in-house expertise in industrial refrigeration, power and digital electronics, and electromagnetism to offer the best product for the purpose, powered by engine, the grid or Li batteries. Guinault Air Conditioning Units (combined with 400 Hz GPU or not) are designed to substitute for an aircraft’s APU on the ground and maintain the good temperature in the cockpit and cabin during pre-flight operations, boarding and maintenance. These Units make it possible to meet the needs and requirements of a wide operating range in terms of climatic conditions and aircraft type. Thanks to Guinault’s expertise in industrial refrigeration with its two cooling circuits, there is a better control of frost as well as a better regulation and compensation possibility.

The Guinault Battery Ground Power Unit ensures the supply of electrical power to aircraft up to most of aircraft types. It is based on the Guinault ultra-sturdy mobile GPU technology in operation on 130 countries, Guinault solid-state converter, and third-party ultra safe LFP (lithium-ion high-capacity battery). With Guinault’s battery-operated GPUs, users have a reliable zero-emission ground power system that further optimizes the working environment and operations with aircraft on the ground. The Guinault digital control system allows a deep monitoring of the operations remotely, as well as SMS/e-mail alerting. This extremely precise trouble shooting tool has become a major help in the technical support of the product, instantaneously and from everywhere. Guinault E-GPU took advantage of the large inhouse expertise in power electronics, magnetics and digital electronics to deliver the right solution for a zero emission APU-OFF. Besides ecological benefits, this also makes sure that pre-flight operations can be handled safely and reliably.


Rheinmetall Canada, Inc.

Rheinmetall will be presenting its all-electric eMSU, which allows for carbon-free engine starts and reductions in overall ground operations emissions. It is powered by lithium-ion battery packs that ensure maximum running time and minimal energy loss. Compared to a standard diesel-driven air start unit, the Rheinmetall eMSU operates much more reliably in all weather conditions. It eliminates CO2 and NOx emissions that are harmful to both ground support staff and the environment, and cuts fuel consumption costs, for greener, safer and more cost-effective liftoffs. The eMSU requires very low maintenance and is designed to thrive in harsh conditions. The Rheinmetall eMSU meets the most stringent emission restrictions in force today, plus even stricter ones that are being planned.


UFA, Inc.

UFA's ATVehicleTM aircraft pushback and towing training simulator not only promotes green and safe GSE operations, but also delivers tangible benefits, including reduced training costs, lower fuel and energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced operational efficiency. By embracing this innovative solution, companies can improve performance while minimizing their environmental impact. ATVehicleTM immerses trainees in a customizable, simulated airport environment that replicates actual operational conditions, ensuring a lifelike training experience and first exposure to unusual and uncommon training scenarios. Moreover, training in a simulated environment eliminates the potential for accidents, ensuring the safety of personnel, equipment, and aircraft. Increased pushback frequency allows trainees to achieve faster learning success, building skills and confidence efficiently while significantly reducing training time. Transitioning to simulation-based training minimizes fuel consumption (including energy needs for electric tugs) and carbon emissions. Reduced vehicle wear and tear decreases maintenance costs, saving valuable resources for GSE operators.




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