Goldhofer SPZ-GL 4 AAA

Flatbed semitrailers
New vehicle
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More technical data
Permissible Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 70.000 kg
Axles 4
Load Capacity 54.000 kg
Vehicle Description
Fifth wheel load / axle load: 20,000kg / 3x 12,000 kg
Total weight: 56,000 kg
Payload: 44,000 kg
Loading area: 8,800 mm (+2,700 mm) x 2,550 mm
Vehicle color: Nova gray
Technical data
Speed: 80 km/h
Fifth wheel load / axle load: 20,000kg / 3x 12,000 kg
Total weight: 56,000 kg
Dead weight: Approx. 12,000 kg
Payload: 44,000 kg
Loading area including 500 mm inclined bevel: 8,800 mm (+2,700 mm) x 2,550 mm
Loading height loaded in driving position: Approx. 845 mm (+290 mm/-60 mm)
Fifth wheel height loaded: 1,265 mm
Tires (16-fold), Continental: 245/75 R 17.5
Swing clearance radius on the gooseneck to the front/rear: 1,385 mm / 2,400 mm

Open outer frame
Electrohydraulic unit 5.5 l/min, make “BOSCH” (without battery)
2 x 7-pole and 1 x 15-pole sockets
Mechanical fifth wheel supports
Floor covering: 28 mm Keruing with Omega profiles
Extension steps: every 1,000 mm
3-fold telescopable
Foldable support foot and separate circuit for shifting the dead weight to the 1st and 2nd gear axle to support telescoping capability
SAF axles (make “Sauer”)
4 axles hydromechanically steered via turntable
Maximum steering angle approx. 50°
Brake system: ALB / AGS / ABS (EBS “Knorr G2” with RSP lateral stabilization) including spring-loaded parking brake, tristop cylinder type 30"/30
1 spare wheel holder including spare wheel (basket) under the loading area
1 Holder for flashing beacon at the rear including rotating beacon
Electrical system: 7-chamber light including reversing light, fog light and lane keeping light, LED side lights under the outer frame, as well as integrated side lights on the gooseneck inner tube and magnetic light chain on the 2nd and 3rd floating telescopic tube, electrical wiring “easy connect” (Swedish version)
Easy-Control “Comfort” (steering, tracking and steering pressure adjustment via radio)
Additional cable control cylinder (resteering)
8 pairs of 240° SLP lashing rings (LC 10,000 daN) in outer frame (3 pairs in gooseneck and 5 pairs in loading area)
1 pair of APS 8 lashing rings (LC 16,000 daN) in the rear area of the loading area
9 pairs of stanchion pockets 100/50 mm in the outer frame (2 pairs in the gooseneck and 7 pairs in the loading area) including 9 pairs of lashing pockets (LC 2,000 daN)
2 pairs of warning signs 285 x 285 mm
Software “easyLOAD”
Optional equipment
Screwable steel bulkhead, 1,000 mm high, including holder for stanchions behind the bulkhead
Stanchions 100/50 x 1,180 mm, galvanized (per pair)
Stanchion pocket strip 100/50 mm, galvanized, screwable on the cross member,
maximum 1 pair on the gooseneck and maximum 9 pairs in the loading area (price per pair)
Warning signs 423 x 423 mm including holder for rotating beacon per warning sign
Steel storage box, galvanized (2,100 x 870 x 480 mm) lengthwise under the loading area
Additional spare wheel holder under the loading area
1 shunting coupling at the rear of the vehicle
“BEKAMAX” central lubrication system (2 pumps)
Article 70 TÜV expert opinion
The vehicle is immediately available.
Subject to prior sale!
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