Goldhofer launches the improved version of its zero-emission electric cargo tractor Welcome to the apron: the new »SHERPA« E generation!

With the optimized »SHERPA« E battery-powered cargo tow tractor, Goldhofer is writing a new chapter in the field of sustainable ground handling. The new generation of e-tractors offers not only a wider range of performance and a longer life cycle in service, but also faster and more flexible charging options plus longer servicing intervals and lower operating costs. Unlike the previous model, the improved »SHERPA« E comes equipped with a direct drive motor with a maximum torque of 1,050 Nm. The electric energy is supplied via a modular battery system with intelligent temperature management. The tow tractor, which can be individually configured to customer requirements, can be charged using almost any standard charging infrastructure.

Since 2017 Goldhofer’s »SHERPA« E, has been the ideal solution for low-noise, zero-emission operations on airport aprons worldwide. Integrated into an intelligent charging infrastructure, it surpasses conventional diesel tow tractors and e-tractors with lead-acid batteries in terms of performance, flexibility, sustainability and economics. In response to growing demand for emission-free ground handling, the Goldhofer development team has introduced a number of enhanced solutions with the new model. For example, the »SHERPA« E, with its proven »IonMaster« technology, now offers a battery capacity of 35 or 70 kWh – depending on the version chosen (Performance/High Performance) – for a draw bar pull of 25 to 45 kN.

Fast charging, greater range

The resulting increase in operational flexibility is backed up by an intelligent temperature management system, which uses a cooling compressor and heater to ensure that battery temperature is always in the optimum range +15 to +40 degrees. This system adds 25 percent to the range of the vehicle. The new battery systems also offer shorter charging times and are compatible with both AC and DC fast charging stations. It takes just 35 minutes, for example, to charge a 70 kWh battery from 20% to 80% in the case of opportunity charging at a fast DC charging station with a charging capacity of 70 kW.
The integrated temperature management system thus ensures efficient operations in all countries of the world in an ambient temperature range of -20°C to +45°C.

The Goldhofer developers have achieved a further increase in efficiency with the new direct drive. In the improved »SHERPA« E, the synchronous motor directly connected to the axle develops a maximum torque of 1,050 Nm. That gives the new e-tractor a speed of up to 30 kilometres per hour at only 3,000 rpm.

Powerful, sustainable, economical
– »IonMaster« technology

For trouble-free working with the new »SHERPA« E, Goldhofer relies on its proven »IonMaster« system, a powerful electric drive based on high-voltage lithium-ion battery technology. The highly efficient 400 V lithium-ion battery is designed for fast charging and efficient intermediate charging and offers over 30% higher performance than lead-acid batteries. The technology – tried and tested in the field of automotive engineering and commercial vehicles – meets the highest quality and safety standards. All it requires is a simple charging infrastructure with AC or DC charging stations. Energy savings compared to diesel-powered vehicles can be as high as 80 percent, while noise emissions are close to zero. As an efficient, modular long-life drive concept, »IonMaster« technology is the key to highly cost-effective operation with e-vehicles. It ensures virtually permanent availability of the fleet, and the fleet itself can be reduced to a minimum number of vehicles as permitted by the individual airport situation.