Safety counts

Every second counts: In an airport emergency there is no room for mistakes. For such eventualities, Goldhofer – in close collaboration with international recovery specialists – has developed ARTS (Aircraft Recovery Transport System) and in the process become the global technology leader in this market segment. The rugged ARTS systems combine quality engineering with efficiency and flexibility. In an emergency, you can rely on a high-grade system tailored to your individual requirements.


  • Safe and reliable
  • Transportation of individual modules in a B747 cargo aircraft
  • Easy and safe handling
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Rapid deployment, runways quickly cleared
  • Towing by truck or aircraft tow tractor
  • Compatible with self-propelled heavy-duty modular transporters
  • Wide range of combinations available
  • For all aircraft up to the A380


Type ARTS-1/ARTS-2

The ARTS-1/ARTS-2 is a complete system for the recovery of disabled aircraft up to the A380. It consists of three hydraulic platforms that can be positioned as required in the individual case and can also be used separately. The advantages include computer-controlled multiway steering offering a choice of normal, diagonal, transverse or carousel travel.

Type ARTS-3

For the recovery of aircraft with damaged nose landing gear, Goldhofer offers turntables in different weight classes. The turntables are adjustable in width and compatible with various recovery dollies (ARTS-4) and trailers (ARTS-6). Spacers are used to ensure a perfect match with aircraft height and fuselage diameter.

Type ARTS-4

The ARTS-4 is a recovery dolly used to pick up nose or main landing gear with defective tires, rims, or brakes. The dolly pickup can be pushed under the landing gear or the landing gear pulled onto the dolly using chain tackle or the integrated hydraulics and raised in readiness for towing.

Type ARTS-5

ARTS-5 is a system of hydraulic platforms for various aircraft weight classes and recovery situations. They serve as a replacement for defective main landing gear in the recovery of all types of aircraft.

Type ARTS-6

The ARTS-6 system comprises a range of special and standard trailers in a wide variety of weight classes. These vehicles can be used for aircraft recovery in combination with turntables or hydraulic platforms and for the internal transportation of ground support equipment and various airport vehicles.