Goldhofera strong community

Our corporate culturemakes the difference

Anyone who works for us becomes part of our Goldhofer family from day one. Irrespective of from which country, with which interests or in which position. Together we are strong and this makes a difference, because every individual makes a decisive contribution to our success. The preservation of the jobs in our company is therefore our highest goal. We can provide you with a secure job with fair payment as well as attractive social benefits in a future-oriented company.

Whether you are just starting your career or you are an experienced manager - we provide everyone with equal opportunities to contribute their knowledge, skills and their ideas to our company. For this reason, we attach great importance to the personal development and well-being of our employees, be it in dual study courses, professional advanced trainings or a weighted work-life balance. Our staff are our greatest asset.


We are Goldhofer.

What makes us strongare our values


This is our motto, because we always stand by our values, the ultimate objective of which is maximum customer benefit. This claim is also the guiding principle for our actions, because this is the only way we can provide our customers with transport solutions which are perfectly customized to their needs.


Our years of tradition and the adherence to the independence of our company has formed Goldhofer into an unmistakable personality. What we do, we do out of conviction and passion - and have done this for generations. Our objective is to guide this tradition into the future, with the same spirit of innovation that inspired us from day one to always dare to try something new.


Half-hearted solutions were never for us. Only by utilizing and appreciating the high commitment and responsible thinking of all our staff, can we ensure on a daily basis, that all products leaving our factory do so in the proverbial Goldhofer quality.


We can all benefit from our professional and personal diversity. Mutual esteem and respect for other points of view creates a good working atmosphere and space for new ideas. We are all unique. And that is great.


Our independence means that we are always flexible and powerful. We want to continue to retain this. Our passion is first and foremost for our products and our customers. We will not let ourselves be distracted from our course at this point.


We have always been tempted by the challenges created by impossible transport tasks. This has therefore resulted in many of our groundbreaking new developments which have become indispensable today. Innovative strength is the determination that the Goldhofer brand carries within it and the intrepid commitment of all our staff, who never tire of seeking new solutions for efficient transport.

Our benefitsfor our employees

  • Flexible working hours
  • Performance-related remuneration
  • Additional training
  • Work-life balance
  • Retirement provision
  • Health care
  • Company doctor
  • Personal development
  • Subsidized in-house canteen
  • Water dispenser / Fruits
  • Company events / Staff events

We are widely considered to be one of the top employers in Germany and, for the last three years in a row, we have been voted onto the list of top employers nationally by Focus Magazine. We always place the focus on people, because we are only strong as a team.

This is why we therefore provide our staff with flexible working hours, fair remuneration, comprehensive training opportunities and a weighted work-life balance, as well as a company pension plan, numerous health care measures, individual development programs, support them in times of private bad fortune and many additional benefits.