This fully electric cargo and baggage tow tractor utilizes the unique Goldhofer “IonMaster” technology and combines the same high levels of comfort, safety and flexibility as our »SHERPA« D models. The highly efficient, maintenance-free 400 V lithium-ion battery ensures extremely short charging times due to its quick charging function, enables intermediate charging and is over 30% more efficient than a lead-acid battery. It enables energy savings of up to 60-80% compared to comparable diesel-powered vehicles and therefore operation over several shifts. Active temperature management ensures maximum battery service life. The zero-emission »SHERPA« E can be utilized both indoors and outdoors and does not require a separate charging infrastructure due to the on-board charger. The low-maintenance vehicle is complemented by a sophisticated service concept.

Your benefits
  • Significantly higher battery charging efficiency thanks to state-of-the-art “IonMaster” technology
  • Approximately 33% longer operating times compared to conventional electrically powered cargo and baggage tow tractors
  • Active temperature management for maximum battery service life
  • Fast loading and intermediate loading for efficient work processes
  • Same high pulling force, flexibility, safety and comfort as diesel powered “SHERPA” D models
  • Due to the identical vehicle structure, as utilized in the diesel tow tractor, for the complete electric drive unit in the front area - drivers therefore have a 360° panoramic view and can couple by remote control.
  • One vehicle platform for every type of drive unit guarantees rapid production and shorter delivery times
  • Large number of identical parts across the entire product range reduces your inventory costs for wear and spare parts
  • Flexible design: different ballast concepts, two electric motors and three cabin options for individual vehicle configuration


»SHERPA« E in action