The »ADDRIVE« is an intelligent solution which combines the advantages of a towed heavy-duty module with those of a self-propelled transporter while also fulfilling the highest requirements in terms of variable application options, traction force, speed, availability and cost-effectiveness. With »ADDRIVE«, transloading the freight from a road transport vehicle to an off-road vehicle is no longer necessary. All in all, this simply means more efficiency and optimum flexibility for your vehicle fleet.



»ADDRIVE« 2.0 supports the traction unit up to a maximum speed of 50 km/h, the driven axle is then automatically disengaged. This therefore makes it possible to engage while driving. Additional driven axle lines are available for more traction force and even more power in action.


Your benefits
  • Highest-possible traction force per driven, axle line
  • Maximum incline capability in the complete vehicle combination


  • Mechanical drive system can be disengaged 100%
  • Almost no wear in towed mode and without generating heat


  • Multiple-combination coupling 
  • Can be combined with various heavy-duty module systems from Goldhofer

Technical features

+   Twin tires   215/75 R 17.5
+   Axle load   36 t at 5 km/h
+   Dead weight (4-axles)   15.3 t
+   Axle compensation   600 mm
+   Traction force (per driven axle line)   125 kN
+   Vehicle width   3,000 mm
+   Axle spacing   1,500 mm
+   Max. steering angle   ± 55°
+   Number of axles   4, 6

Accessories and options

General Accessories


  Radio remote  
+   Cable remote  
+   Emergency cable remote  


  Radio remote for »ADDRIVE«  
»ADDRIVE« PowerPacks
+   190 kW/260 PS, Width 3,000 mm, Cummins (TIER 3)  
+   207 kW/280 PS, Width 3,000 mm, Cummins (TIER 4 FINAL & STAGE V)  
+   390 kW/530 PS, Width 3,000 mm, Deutz (TIER 4 FINAL & STAGE V)  


North America


Flexibility in
Tractor unit
Automatic release
of the axles

»ADDrive« in action