When self-propelled vehicles are utilized, they normally must be able to transport various loads – and it is therefore necessary to determine the transport combination to the load in the best possible way. PST/SL-E can be combined with all vehicles of the SL-family, regardless of whether they are intended to be self-propelled or towed heavy-duty modules. Combined with its enormously high traction force and electronic multiway steering, the PST/SL-E is always your vehicle of choice when exceptional performance and maximum flexibility are required.

Your benefits
  • Economic delivery to the application location
  • Power reserves for unforeseeable project situations
  • Extremely high bending moment
  • Best possible safety tolerances, even with extreme loads
  • Additional load lifting point
  • Safe loading for simplified mobilization

Technical features

+ Twin tires   215/75 R 17,5
+ Axle load   45 t at 1 km/h
+ Dead weight   17.1 t
+ Electronic multiway steering   ± 135°
+ Traction force per driven axle line   180 kN

Accessories and options

+ Radio remote
+ Cable remote
+ Emergency cable remote
+ 155 kW/210 PS, Width 2,400 mm, Deutz (TIER 3)
+ 207 kW/280 PS, Width 2,400 mm, Cummins (TIER 4 FINAL)
+ 360 kW/490 PS, Width 2,400 mm/ 3,000 mm, Deutz (TIER 3)
+ 90 kW/530 PS, Width 3,000 mm, Deutz (TIER 4 FINAL)


Extremely robust
vehicle frame

PST/SL-E in action