Goldhofer upgrades its »LINK« telemetry system

Goldhofer »LINK«, the Formula One module for GSE

Goldhofer upgrades its »LINK« telemetry system

Goldhofer is taking its »LINK« telemetry system to a new level. The system, which is available for all cargo and aircraft tow tractors and has been upgraded with additional features, enables GSE operators to enhance the performance and safety of their vehicles, simplify maintenance and extend their service life.
Goldhofer »LINK« transmits live data from sensors located on the vehicle via a cloud to a user-friendly dashboard. The data range from charge status, temperature, pressure, speeds and work steps to the current location and running times of components such as the steering and brake pumps.
The system not only captures and collects information in real time; based on periodic interrogation of the data collected, it also generates specific maintenance recommendations and service schedules for the vehicle. For the operator, this means additional safety, cost savings and efficiency.

The »LINK« telemetry system with its ever-growing functionality has been developed to monitor all operational and vehicle parameters and to provide worldwide access to and visualization of current and historical vehicle data such as GPS positions and operating parameters. It also provides information – with real-time alert messages – on potentially dangerous situations relating to excessive speed or worn parts, for example. This significantly increases operational safety, facilitates service interval planning, reduces maintenance work, and repairs to a minimum.
“For our customers, the result is enormous planning security. Via global remote access, they can manage their fleets, check on any anomalies, plan maintenance schedules and order the necessary parts in advance. This means unprecedented fleet efficiency.” says Oliver Noack, Head of IT and Digitalization at Goldhofer, and he continues: “We have designed the Goldhofer »LINK« as a modular system in three packages. This enables users to install and upgrade the system according to their individual requirements.”

»LINK« view is the basic package. It supports analysis of all historical vehicle metrics such as GPS and operating parameters via cloud computing for the added efficiency of condition-based service and maintenance. »LINK« view+ extension package supports full use of the API interface and thus integration into existing fleet management systems. 

Goldhofer is currently working on the next new functions for »LINK«. They include geofence options and remote control update capabilities. This additional functionality is due to be made available next year.

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