Goldhofer at SOLUTRANS 2021, November 16-20, 2021, Eurexpo Lyon (F): hall 5B, stand 111

The GOLD standard is finding more and more admirers: STEPSTARs in action. (photo: Goldhofer)
The GOLD standard is finding more and more admirers: STEPSTARs in action. (photo: Goldhofer)
A versatile performer – The GOLDHOFER MPA 4 (1+3). (photo: Goldhofer)

Wide range of applications guaranteed

At this year’s SOLUTRANS, Goldhofer will showcase the new friction-steered semi lowloader »STEPSTAR« and a force-steered »MPA« 4 (1+3) semi-trailer designed specifically for the French market. What the two have in common is an impressive range of applications for transporting heavy loads, so that haulage companies can use them for a wide variety of transportation operations. “Handling as much work as possible with a minimum number of vehicles is the recipe for success with smart fleets. So we are delighted to be able to present these products to our customers,” says Romuald Espinasse, Regional Sales Manager France at Goldhofer.

Universal vehicle for flexible working: the »STEPSTAR«

The self-steering, three- to five-axle »STEPSTAR« semi lowloaders offer a combination of low deadweight and high payload. They also feature a very well designed loading area and full system for secure lashing. In combination with the loadable »MEGA« gooseneck, total rig length can be utilized to the full, even when transporting high loads. The loading area itself is fitted with the hard-wearing flooring TRAFFIDECK™ GO co-developed by Goldhofer. This not only saves weight compared with wood or rubber flooring but, with a thickness of just 8 mm, it is also extremely thin and has a very high coefficient of friction for optimum load securing. The additional anti-slip sanding provides enhanced safety in all weather conditions.

For heavy haul companies one of the big attractions of the »STEPSTAR« is its outstanding flexibility. The extra long and wide excavator arm recess is open to the rear. It is designed to take even very long and large excavator arms such as those used in the demolition business. This greatly increases the vehicle’s range of applications. It also comes with Goldhofer’s new generation of ramps, which have a very low ramp angle and are easy to mount and remove, so they can also be used with other »STEPSTAR« lowloaders in the fleet. “The »STEPSTAR« series meets our customers’ expectations in terms of quality and intelligent details at a competitive price. The vehicles can be used for permit-free transportation throughout Europe with payloads of up to 26.3 t and a gross rig length within the 16.5 m limit,” says Romuald Espinasse.

Rising to every challenge with the »MPA«

Specially designed for the French market, the »MPA« 4 (1+3) low loader semi-trailer makes light work of a wide range of heavy haul operations. With a low loading height of only 785 mm, the robust and durable »MPA« 4 is the ideal solution for transporting high loads such as construction machinery, plant components and crane segments. To comply with the French regulations, the first axle, with its 3,250 mm wheelbase (to the 2nd axle), has been moved further forward and fitted with friction steering. This feature is the key to very smooth cornering and maneuverability. MacPherson axle technology also gives the vehicle a high load carrying capacity and extra stability, while the independent suspension provides a steering angle of up to 60°. The MacPherson axle is reduced to the essentials and, thanks to the small number of components, is an extremely low-maintenance solution with a long service life. This naturally has positive effects in terms of servicing and maintenance intervals. Like the »STEPSTAR«, the loading area of the »MPA« also comes with the new, hard-wearing TRAFFIDECK™ GO flooring.

Semi Lowloaders
Semi Lowloaders
STZ-L | »MPA« with wheel recess