Today´s loads are getting longer and heavier. The wind power industry, in particular, is developing ever longer rotor blades which continue to push vehicles to their limits – but not with the »VENTUM«. Equipped with five extension stages and the capability to take on loads of well over 70 m, they are well prepared for the future.

Your benefits
  • 5-times extendable
  • Suitable for 5-axle tractor unit
  • Ready for transporting the longest wind blades
  • Enormous lift in gooseneck and in the chassis
  • Simplified passage through tight positions such as tunnels or roundabouts without any conversion work
  • Adjustable steering
  • No co-driver required when driving as empty

Technical features

+ Axle load    
(depending on country-related regulations)   12 t at 80 km/h
(technical   12 t at 80 km/h
+ Loading height   1,240 mm
+ Axle compensation   600 mm
+ Tires   245/70 R 17,5
+ Vehicle width   2,750 mm
+ Axle spacing   1,810 mm

Trailer load

33.5 t

Swing clearance radius

3,400 mm


5-times extendable

Number of axles


Accessories and options


General accessories

+ Knorr “TIM”/Wabco “Smartboard”
+ Radio remote control
+ Wide load marker boards
+ Storage boxes under the loading area
+ Working lights
+ Lift axle
+ Electrohydraulic or dieselhydraulic power pack


+ Spare wheel carrier
+ High front wall
+ Toolbox

Loading area

+ Stake pocket strip
+ Threaded bushes
+ Load-securing trestle
+ Twist locks
+ Rail system including sliding table


No co-driver
required when
driving empty
Simplified passage
through tight
Simple operation
with »SmartControl«

»Ventum« in action