More performance with the mechanically steered PST/SL: Due to its enormous traction force, even the heaviest loads are light work to move. With the optional »SPEEDRIVE«, you gain even more versatility – because the PST/SL, like the »ADDRIVE«, can be utilized as a towed heavy-duty module for higher transport speeds.



The PST/SL heavy-duty modules can be supplied with switchable driven axles for even more profitability when in action. This therefore means that it can be utilized as a towed module with higher speeds of up to 80 km/h (taking into account country-specific regulations). By activating the drive unit, the load can be positioned at its destination with millimeter's precision without traction unit and without time-consuming and costly reloading. In addition, the »SPEEDRIVE« option enables you to tow the vehicle to the job site on its own axles.


Your benefits
  • Extremely high traction force per driven axle line
  • Maximum incline capability less drive axles are required for the same incline


  • User-friendly operation concept
  • Fast and simple in operation


  • Combinable with other towed and self-propelled heavy-duty modules
  • More flexible fleet management

Technical features

+   Twin tires   215/75 R 17.5
+   Axle load   45 t at 1 km/h
+   Dead weight (4-axles)   15.3 t
+   Axle compensation   600 mm
+   Traction force (per driven axle line)   200 kN
+   Vehicle width   3,000 mm
+   Axle spacing   1,500 mm
+   Max. steering angle   ± 55°
+   Number of axles   4, 6, 8

Accessories and options

General Accessories


  Radio remote  
+   Cable remote  
+   Emergency cable remote  
PST PowerPacks
+   155 kW/210 PS, Width 2,400 mm, Deutz (TIER 3)  
+   207 kW/280 PS, Width 2,400 mm, Cummins (TIER 4 FINAL & STAGE V)  
+   360 kW/490 PS, Width 2,400 mm/ 3,000 mm, Deutz (TIER 3)  
+   390 kW/530 PS, Width 3,000 mm, Deutz (TIER 4 FINAL & STAGE V)  


North America

High bending
Various possible
Disengaging of
the axles

PST/SL in action