Goldhofer »STARLINE«


As Product Line Manager, Markus Albrecht is responsible for the »STEPSTAR« and »TRAILSTAR« series, which have revolutionized the market in the lower payload range.

Goldhofer has a reputation in the industry for being able to offer the right solution for every transport requirement. Why was it necessary to develop the »STEPSTAR« and »TRAILSTAR« product lines? Markus Albrecht: To meet market demand for faster availability, we configure and manufacture vehicles in the »STAR« portfolio – much like a private automobile – from a range of predefined, cross-series options. The portfolio is designed to cover all standard applications, such as moving construction machinery up to 60 t, in full compli­ance with all Goldhofer quality standards for day-to-day operations.


So how does a »STAR« low loader differ from a clas­sic Goldhofer vehicle?

Markus Albrecht: The development of the »STAR« vehicles was focused on low deadweight combined with long service life. We also placed emphasis on intuiti­ve handling and low operating costs. In the interest of short-term availability, the »STAR« series does not provi­de for customization outside of the modular system.


Does that mean that, as a user, I cannot be sure that everything is fully in line with my requirements?

Markus Albrecht: From our long years of experience and in close contact with users, we have defined many smart details that make the vehicles extremely efficient in daily use. At the same time, the series has been developed so that the customer can adapt the vehicle after purchase to new operational requirements as they arise. For example, a simple vehicle without ramps can be easily retrofitted to make a versatile low loader. This includes hydraulic ramps, add-on wheel recesses and many other features that can be bolted in place using pre-drilled boreholes without any welding. This reduces the initial capital outlay, while resale value is increased by such flexible additions for new applications.



Semi Lowloaders
Semi Lowloaders
STZ-L | »MPA« with wheel recess