Goldhofer unveiled its highly successful »MPA« at bauma 2013, and since then many of these semi lowloaders have been sold in multiple versions. What makes the trailer unique is the suspension: The MacPherson axle has just a minimum number of components and so requires very little maintenance and is extremely durable.


Mr. Meier, as Managing Director of Welti Furrer Pneukran & Spezialtransporte AG, you are confronted with long, wide, heavy or high loads to be transported every day. Many of these operations are handled with a Goldhofer »MPA«. In which cases is the »MPA« your vehicle of choice?
Fabian Meier: The »MPA« is predestined for transporting high loads. With its low loading height, we can drive under many bridges that would involve a detour with other low­loaders. It is also the key to many transports on the main freeways. This greatly simplifies route planning, and we can often deliver the loads much faster. Reliability and Swiss punctuality have always been top priorities for Welti Furrer; this is where our »MPAs« come into their own.

You also handle transports for the construction industry. Is the »MPA« your favorite choice in these cases, too?
Fabian Meier: For sure! With its excellent maneuverability and steering angles of up to 60°, it is perfect for construc­tion sites. There is never much room there. And this is an advantage for us in general in view of the topographical conditions we have in Switzerland. Also, the MacPherson axle is a good choice when the route leaves the road and takes us over rough ground. Apart from the fact that the suspension takes all the bumps in its stride so the load does not suffer, the engineering is so robust that we know we can always rely on it. In addition to moving heavy and large loads, we also offer temporary storage and just-in-time deliveries to the construction site. Here, too, the »MPA« has proved very useful with the many warehouses with narrow entrances.

Do you know how many kilometers your first »MPA« has already travelled?
Fabian Meier: Must be getting on for 250,000. Compared with other countries, this might not seem a lot. When ma­neuvering uphill in reverse with a load of heavy crane parts, however, the entire tractor-trailer combination is pushed to its limits.

And how many tons have been delivered to their destina­tions with it?
Fabian Meier: 28,000 tons – that’s almost three times the weight of the Eiffel Tower. Depending on the customer, the loads can be tanks or silos for industrial relocations, or plant or prefabricated housing elements for the construction industry. We also often use the »MPA« to carry ballast for our impressive fleet of mobile cranes. In addition, the »MPA« has a technically permissible axle load of 15.6 t, and this is a useful reserve that has often made life easier for us in the case of inside-plant transports.


Welti Furrer Pneukran & Spezialtransporte AG has been a convinced »MPA« user for many years now. An »MPA« has been in service with the Swiss company since 2018, and the fleet is steadily growing. They are specialists in heavy haul, art and relocation logistics and have been since 1838. Stability and invest­ment security are therefore in their DNA.


Fabian Meier
Managing Director at Welti Furrer
Pneukran & Spezialtransporte AG


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