Goldhofer has been a pioneer in the field of wind turbine blade haulers since 2013. The incredible success story that continues to this day began with the FTV 300. Today more than 60 units in different versions are in successful operation around the world, helping to make power generation increasingly sustai­nable. This is thanks to an intelligent design concept that makes light work of difficult routes and minimizes the need to make changes to the roadside infrastruc­ture. As a result, narrow passages in built-up areas, forests and winding roads are no challenge for this maneuverable combination. In the meantime, wind turbine blades have grown considerably – and the Goldhofer FTV has grown with them. Together with a variable width PST/SL-E ½ + ½ split combination, the FTV 850 proves that meter tons are not all that count. The intelligent concept permits stable, safe and efficient transportation of even the longest turbine blades at all times. For more than 20 years Goldhofer has maintained close contacts with the leading wind turbine manu­facturers. Customers can relax in the knowledge that everything has been thought of: All required specifica­tions have been taken into account, and the solutions adopted meet the highest requirements in terms of stability and safety. This is also decisive for a highly durable product with a very long service life. But the split module is not only a convincing solution in combination with a blade hauler. We are committed to making our products as flexible and multifunctional as possible, and to do so without compromise. As a result, the smart concept driven by the wind power industry now lends itself to many other applications where lateral stability is of particular importance.


A special feature with which our modules can be equipped in the future is the optional underfloor lighting. To be seen live at bauma on our PST/SL-E split combination with FTV 850.

Special Applications
FTV 850
Special Applications
FTV 550