The »MPA« V is an agile endurance performer for daily use: The design of the »MPA« axle guarantees maximum maneuverability and large axle stroke. The particularly low wear reduces maintenance costs to a minimum and thereby enables maximum availability. Even extremely heavy loads with a high load center of gravity do not present a challenge for the »MPA« V.


Your benefits
  • Low height difference between bridge and chassis
  • Able to receive loads with reduced angle of slope
  • Lowest construction heights of the bridges
  • Concentrated loading with maximum stability at the same time
  • High axle stroke, large steering angle
  • For sensational maneuverability

Technical features

+   Axle load
(depending on countryrelated regulations)
12 t at 80 km/h
12 t at 80 km/h
+   Axle stroke   350 mm
+   Tires   245/70 R 17.5
+   Vehicle width   2,550 mm / 2,750 mm
+   Axle spacing   1,360 mm / 1,510 mm
+   Max. steering angle   60°
+   Surface refinement   Durability ensured with high-quality finish with zinc-dust base coat



  Fifth wheel load   20-35 t


  Swing clearance radius   2,100-2,800 mm
+   Hydraulic
+   Center beam, Outside position beams
Bridge design
+   Flat bed with removable inlay mattresses 
+   Construction height   220-300 mm
Extraction stages
+   Fixed or 1    
Rear bogie
+   Width excavator trough*   604 mm / 804 mm
+   Number of axles   2-4
*Depending on vehicle width

Accessoires and options

General accessories



Knorr “TIM” / Wabco “Smartboard”

+   “easyCONTROL” remote steering  
+   »SmartControl«  


  Wide load marker boards  
+   Working lights  
+   Lift axle  



Spare wheel carrier




High front wall, can be combined with tarpaulin superstructures



+   Premium tool box  
+   Stowage aids for accessories  
+   Electrohydraulic or dieselhydraulic power pack  
Loading platform


  Inlay matresses  
+   Outriggers  



Threaded bushes

+   Loading ramp  
+   Screwable twist locks  



»MPA« technology for
12 t axle load
Maximum steering
angle of 60°
Easy operation with

»MPA« V in action