Much has happened since the unveiling of the revolutionary »ADDRIVE« at bauma 2016. The unique concept combines all the advantages of a towed and self-propelled heavy-duty module - without any compromises or limitations.

With its various travel modes, it can be towed, used to deliver additional power to the tractor unit on the road and also operated independently as a hydrostatically powered self-propelled transporter. In countless combinations worldwide, more than 60 units are providing outstanding service for our customers, enabling transports that would otherwise have been much more complicated and cost-intensive to handle.With »ADDRONIC« it is possible to combine the »ADDRIVE« with mechanically and electronically steered self-propelled units in a variety of ways including integration in open combinations. Basic functions of several »ADDRIVE« units can be synchronized, and the system offers easy inte­gration into existing THP and PST fleets. Remote diagnostics provides fast online assistance, and the Goldhofer service team can provide immediate pro­blem-solving support anywhere in the world. The large plain text display provides a clear picture of all operating data for maximum user convenience and safety. In addition, all »ADDRIVE« functions can be operated from the cab of the tractor unit itself.With its larger hydraulic pumps and additional drive axles, the premium model »ADDRIVE« 2.0 can be used to hand­le even heavier and more complex transports. It offers a further increase in tractive power and higher support speeds for the tractor units. At the same time, this multi-talent retains all the useful func­tions that came with the first generation. Also, with opera­tion from the cab of the tractor unit, the drive axles can be connected and disconnected while traveling.
As a smart working machine, the »ADDRIVE« 2.0 is eligible for Industry 4.0 funding. It is covered by the Transizione 4.0 program in Italy and qualifies for deminimis support in Germany.


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