A few centimeters in overall height often make all the difference for a haulage company.
Dropdecks, wheel recesses or the extremely low profile design of the »ARCUS« are one way of solving the problem. But when it comes to getting even lower, there are physical limits to what can be achieved with the design of the vehicle. This is why we have developed the »CargoPlus®« low-profile tire in collaboration with HBI. For the same axle load, this solution delivers the decisive centimeters that make your transport possible! We presented the prototype at bauma 2019 and have since performed intensive testing with various customers in the challenging day-to-day working world of freight for­warding. Several Goldhofer models are already available with the extra-low-profile »CargoPlus®« tires, including the STAR family and the »ARCUS«.


Semi Lowloaders
Semi Lowloaders
Lowloader Trailers
STZ-VP (285)