Lots of visitors, numerous talks and gratifying business deals made it a successful trade show.

Memmingen, April 23

Positive trade show outcome

Goldhofer showcased its highlights at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas from March 14 to 18.

Lots of visitors, numerous talks and gratifying business deals made it a successful trade show.

The people at Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft were more than satisfied with the outcome of this year’s CONEXPO in Las Vegas: “The great interest shown by trade visitors in the new products presented was overwhelming. Our expectations were more than exceeded with regard to demand for top-quality transportation solutions and value-creating services,” say Matthias Ruppel, CEO at Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft. This was due in large part to the Goldhofer vehicles that have been developed specially for the North American market such as the »P12 PLUS« highway trailer.

The US portfolio on display met with a highly positive response from customers. The Goldhofer »P12 PLUS«, and also the STZ- P9, proved to be of particular interest. This highway trailer offers maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications. In the 12-axle version, the semitrailer has a maximum payload of up to 281,000 lbs (127 t) at an axle load of 26,400 lbs (12 t). The hydraulic steering has been optimized for traveling on public roads, making it an all-rounder for the long-distance highways of North America. “Thanks to its multiple variants and flexible configuration options, freight forwarders can now operate with a single vehicle to transport a variety of special and everyday loads in the various states,” says Jerry Rothwell, Director of Sales - North America.

The STZ-VL three-axle lowboy semitrailer with an additional flip axle also attracted keen interest. On the North American market especially, the additional flip axle is a key consideration. It increases the vehicle’s flexibility and payload and enables it to operate across interstate lines with changes in regulations.

The highlight in Las Vegas and an absolute eye-catcher was Goldhofer’s »ADDRIVE« with the FTV 850 blade carrier. With the »ADDRIVE« 2.0, the Bragg company has opted for an intelligent transportation solution for its fleet. The vehicle combines the advantages of a towed heavy-duty module with those of a self-propelled module. With its enormous tractive force, it supports the tractor unit up to a speed of 31 mph (50 km/h). The driven axles are then disengaged automatically and can be re-engaged at lower speeds while driving. The »ADDRIVE« 2.0 is also a time- and cost-saving solution when switching from the support function on a public highway to working as a purely self-propelled vehicle for the final off-road section of the route. This means greater efficiency and optimum flexibility for every vehicle fleet.

The »ADDRIVE« was presented in combination with the FTV 850. As the buyer of the blade carrier, Mountain Crane took the opportunity to mount a sawed-off wind turbine blade for demonstration purposes. This made the unit a real crowd puller. The FTV 850 is designed for maximum safety and stability for wind turbine transports. The new design concept makes light work of difficult routes and minimizes the need to make changes to the roadside infrastructure. Narrow passages in built-up areas, forests and winding roads present no problems to this maneuverable combination.


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