Goldhofer at Inter Airport Europe on October 8-11, 2019 at Munich Trade Fair Centre: open air stand D30 Ground handling systems for the airport of the future

Goldhofer presents forward-looking e-mobility and digitization solutions.

Goldhofer’s focus at this year’s Inter Airport Europe will be e-mobility and digitization. In terms of products, the spotlight will be on the electrically powered »SHERPA« (baggage and cargo tractors), »BISON« ( aircraft tow tractors), and the completely new »PHOENIX« E. The first towbarless aircraft tow tractor with »IonMaster« technology. For the airport of the future, Goldhofer will also be presenting innovative digital solutions with which ground handlers can develop efficient operational concepts. More detailed information, on the zero-emission airport, customized electric vehicles and cost-efficiency calculations, will be available to visitors in the Goldhofer Future Zone and the Goldhofer E-Drive Zone.

Ground handling vehicles combining intelligence with sustainability require both a sound technical platform and full connectivity. This facilitates vehicle control, monitoring as well as remote servicing and predictive maintenance (aka remote condition-based maintenance). The data collected can be used to develop cost-effective and resource-efficient operational strategies for the design of the optimum infrastructure, fleet planning and vehicle configurations. “Design by Customer – is our name for customized configurations, concepts and solutions on the basis of specific operational data,” says Christof Peer, Head of Sales Airport Technology.

Economical power and sustainability: »IonMaster« technology
For trouble-free ground support operations, Goldhofer relies on its »IonMaster« system, a powerful electric drive based on lithium-ion high-voltage battery technology. This system offers the same power, endurance, flexibility, safety and user-friendliness as the diesel models. »IonMaster« technology is an efficient, modular long-life drive concept for the economical use of vehicles operated with various charging infrastructures. It ensures permanent availability of the fleet, which can be reduced to a minimum number of vehicles as permitted by the individual airport situation.
With »IonMaster« technology already available with the »SHERPA« freight and baggage tractors and the »BISON« conventional aircraft tow tractors, Goldhofer is now presenting its first electric towbarless aircraft tractors in the form of the AST-2 E and »PHOENIX« E. In addition to its electric tow tractors, Goldhofer's diesel-powered vehicles are also a highly attractive investment for the future as they can be converted to electric by retrofitting with »IonMaster« technology.

Clean power: the »BISON« E 370
Thanks to »IonMaster« technology, the electric version of Goldhofer’s »BISON« workhorse offers the same performance as its diesel-powered counterparts. The »BISON« towbar tractor on display in Munich makes light work of moving aircraft up to 200 tons take-off weight, such as the Airbus A300 or Boeing 767. The only difference: it produces no emissions and requires much less maintenance.The operating scenario can be determined on an individual basis as the modular battery concept allows customers to decide for themselves whether the tractor is to be used for short pushback or long distance operations. This permits frequent intermediate charging, or for continuous working over longer distances with significantly less idle time. Another economic advantage: As a charging time of just two hours delivers a charge level of around 80 percent, which is not possible with lead batteries, vehicle availability is almost 100 percent.

Reliable and economical – the »SHERPA« E
At the Goldhofer stand visitors will also be able to take a look at the reliable »SHERPA« E cargo and baggage tow tractor and to test drive it. Incorporating Goldhofer’s »IonMaster« technology, this powerful electric tractor offers the same high levels of reliability, safety and flexibility as the diesel-powered versions. The highly efficient, maintenance-free 400 V lithium-ion battery has a quick charging function and is more than 30% more efficient than a lead-acid battery. Compared with diesel-powered vehicles, energy savings can be as high as 80%. Active temperature management ensures maximum battery service life. The zero-emission »SHERPA« E can be operated both indoors and outdoors, and the optional on-board charger makes it independent of a dedicated charging infrastructure.

Connectivity and tailored concepts for greater efficiency
In addition to the technical performance capabilities of the vehicle fleet, optimum maintenance, servicing and scheduling are crucial for the efficient organization of ground handling operations. Of equal importance: an intelligent customized infrastructure and efficient processes. “How can electric tractors be integrated in a mixed vehicle fleet?”, "What are the right charging concepts?”, “How can predictive servicing be planned and maintenance work speeded up?” Visitors to the trade show will find answers to these and other questions in the Future Zone of the Goldhofer stand. There, far removed from the daily hustle and bustle of the airport, they will be given an insight into future ground support scenarios. They will be able to observe examples of a complete emission-free ground handling system with an electric fleet comprising baggage, aircraft tractors, cargo loaders and buses. The solutions shown will take into account of every conceivable factor: existing or planned infrastructure, optimum layout based on short distances, autonomous driving systems, safety and supply solutions, and optimum accessibility. The results will provide valuable insights and conclusions for the development, construction and operation of the sustainable airport of the future.

All-round service from the house of Goldhofer
Goldhofer’s low-maintenance tractors come with the backing of an intelligent forward-looking servicing concept. From the day the vehicle is delivered, trained employees are available 365 days a year. A dedicated hotline ensures that Goldhofer customers receive competent help and support immediately, even outside of normal working hours. In addition to the company's German facilities in Memmingen and Ostfildern, Goldhofer is represented on an international level by local service organizations so as to keep distances as short as possible. Goldhofer also performs vehicle inspections and complete vehicle overhauls so that customers can continue to use their time-tested vehicles for many more years to come.